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2020-11-14 14:23:22 (UTC)

Cleanest slate in the longest time 😛

Hell yeah!! Got so many things accomplished. Today, I took care of all my credit cards. They seem to bubble up with little charges here and there. Cards or virtual cards like Amazon prime. Some bills are automatically being paid by my credit card so that creeps up a little like cable and auto insurance. But today, I mean all of my cards as of right now are at zero balance!!! It feels great to be there. I achieved one more of my personal New Years resolution. Still got my auto loan though so that'll be awhile and I financed my two bbq grills so that'll be done in 2 or 3 months I'm guessing. In my eyes, mission accomplished. Yay!! Gotta say that's one good thing about not having a partner in crime. Don't need to spend money on them for dinner and what not.

Today was my 6th gym class in a row. I was wanting to puke, pass out, had dizzy spells in the early going but by my 5th class, I'm now at 65% efficiency so I'm really happy with the results. And my 65% blows away other peeps 100%. No pain from surgery. I know it's there and that's fine but it doesn't hurt. There is this guy that always uses me as a gauge to see how he is doing. He either wants to keep up with me when we do laps, keep up with my pace when we are doing amrap (As many reps/rounds as possible), or whatever. You get it though right? Yeah.. I have like a gym puppy. haha.

Visited my pain Dr yesterday. I got a shot in the right shoulder. I get one every 6-9 months for shoulder pain that's been going on for years. Anyway, the nurse there was chatting with me asking me what I do for work and my nationality and all. Just little chit chat and I was ok with it. Told her I was a Network Engineer. She said she was going to take that up too but decided to take up nursing. So we're where we both want to be. Then she asked who my driver was as we can't drive on our own or even use an Uber. Told him my friend from work. She says not your wife? When she asked that, I knew something was up but I was sorta trapped in the conversation. You know how that goes. So I said I was single. Errr. divorced which is the same thing I guess. That's when she said "Hey!! You should date my Sister." I was thinking what? Then she said that her Sister is a teacher and has no kids so no luggage for me. Also, she's in the Philippines. Immediately I thought "Oh hell no!" I already got tangled in this foreign Country thing not long ago and I'm not wanting that kind of experience ever again. You know, if the Country wasn't too far away like Mexico or Canada, well maybe. But a third world Country like that? Nope!! Been there done that and it aint happening again. I pretended not to listen and did my virtual "la-la-la" in my ears. Not really touching them but blocking that conversation out of my mind. I skedaddled out of that Dr's office as soon as I could. lol

Today, after gym, Heidi asked if I wanted to go to Apple Hill. It's a tourist place and located in Placerville CA. I'm not dong anything till a poker game tonight with my other buddies so I said sure. I can eat. I can drink. Works for me :) Been awhile since I did any tourist stuff. They do have frozen ready to bake apple pies which tastes so good. I never tasted apple pie as good as the ones at Apple hill.

Tomorrow, I'm going to host a bbq at my place. A special thanks to the people who fed me while I was out of commission. I won't get to all of them so I'll keep hosting every once in awhile till I eventually get them all. :)