Rob Floyd
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2020-11-14 16:20:42 (UTC)


Today i headed over to the food court at the BX to get some Arbys. I was in the mood for a big roast beef sandwich. So I go to the counter. There was some kind of liquid, maybe just water condensation. I was hoping the guy would wipe it up but he just ignored it. I got my sandwich and some cheese sticks anyway. i was looking for a TV with the Miami Hurricanes game on because I had $20 bucks on it. There was a tv with it on, but it wasnt facing the tables where you sit to eat. So i kept track of it on my phone. There was an old man there with his wife, presumably. He started coughing a horrible, phlegm filled cough. He did it several times. Thank the Lord he wasnt sitting too close to me. All I could think was, why would you even leave the house with a cough like that? If that old man catches this virus, its goodnight forever old man. I finished my big roast beef sandy and wanted some dessert. i went to the taco bell to get some cinnabons, but the lady told me they dont have them, even though there is a picture of them on the menu. Dumb. So i stood by a big column and watched the end of the Hurricanes game. I could see the water still on the Arby's counter. I grabbed some napkins and wiped it up myself for some good karma, since obviously the employee didnt have any interest to do it. The Canes won a thriller. I texted Travis who had given me the pick. Ive got 2 more tonight. I stopped at the gas station on the way back to work, to get one of those Freal sundaes. I got my favorite, a reese's PB cup. Great dessert. Made it back to work. I'm gonna take some kratom later to help with this hangover, then hit the road for some Ubereats after I get off here, until about 9.