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2020-11-14 21:51:03 (UTC)

Small victory.

So I had reported a post on Instagram a few days back and it got removed.

Oh the joy it brings me I can't even begin to explain.

It was of an Indian girl and one of her tik tok reels which I absolutely detest and hate. Tik tok doesn't belong in Instagram. There's a time and place for everything. Ever since tik tok got banned in India the Indian horde of the hores came flooding to the next best thing.

I don't mind tik tok videos of art and science and music and learning new shit you see. These bitches just want attention by dancing and showing their skin. If they wanna be that slutty there is only fans for it. I don't even mind they do that shit but I do mind when it appears on my feed. Then I report it. I don't actively go searching since there are plenty out there.

One small victory for me in my everlasting war with the idiots of social media.