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2020-11-14 18:19:51 (UTC)

Productive day.

A Saturday which is a holiday after months. Thanks to the scum and their new year i get the weekend off. One good thing out if their wretched existence.

I woke up around afternoon. Decided to get a hair cut. Got that done. Coming back I noticed my local watch repair shop was open. So I gave my alarm clock and my wrist watch to be fixed. Coming back met my neighbor so we talked while walking upstairs.

After lunch I decided to clean through my wardrobe. I found my karate belts. Yay. Gonna treasure them. Found my karate suits. Yay. The karate bottom pants are so comfortable to wear they are low at the groin obviously since we gotta kick and stretch but also good to wear. At camps we used to wear it all the time. My karate suits are brown and faded. But they got all the memories in them. Gave them to the dry cleaners to have them washed. Then in the week will give my clothes to be ironed. Yea we have a local dude who irons and does the laundry.

Now relaxing. Will have a beer soon. Its 1800 hrs.