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2020-11-13 21:24:57 (UTC)

Sometimes I think about my ..

Sometimes I think about my friend. We've known each other for a long time. There was also a time when I would have dated him if I was single.
There's this line we are able to walk in our friendship and be good friends to each other. As the years go by I feel like this line keeps getting thinner... as we grow in different directions and become different people. I feel like sometimes he teeters on the edge and I want to keep reaching out to ground him. People don't plan to become addicted to things... it's is a slippery slope... It feels harder each year to reach out, to connect.

Sometimes I don't want to talk to him. And sometimes I really want to check-in. I'm going to try walking the line as long as I can... but the friendship is slipping and maybe he knows it too. We can always respect our past growing up together as awkward teens. I hope he knows that I care and will try to my best to be there....