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2020-11-13 23:34:37 (UTC)

We go again. I feel spent. ..

We go again. I feel spent. Spent plenty of time today trying to figure out this website stuff and what I need to do to move forward.

I think I really just need to simplify it for myself. What’s the objective here? To make a site so that I can put the product on it and sell. So I need the bare minimum. A skeletal site that is presentable and then I can begin to add the trimmings as I move along but first it needs to go on. What are the main things:

Landing page (linking to all these other pages)
Who we are
How it works
- Hs journey
Shop/check out etc. This is the part that’s kinda daunting me. But I’ll look into it tomorrow.

The idea is to get these parts sorted with the bare minimum that I can do myself.

- real product photography
- product & tablet mock ups / image manipulation
- text on banner design in photoshop

I can leave out the other parts for now like:
Journal / blog

I will begin tomorrow with editing the vid.