Rob Floyd
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2020-11-13 18:19:04 (UTC)

Lunchbreak (warning, strong language)

Why dont people know how to drive? Why are so many motherfuckers in a hurry? When Im driving around, I usually stay between 5 and 10 MPH over the speed limit. I have figured out that you can pass right by cops running radar (which they hardly do anymore anyway, but that is a differnet subject for a different day) and they wont pull you over. So like I said, i usually keep it between 5 and 10 MPH over, depending on whether Im in a hurry or not. Well brother, thats a good way to get passed like you are standing still. Or tailgated. Like I was today. On a crowded 2 lane street, I like to fuck with people. If someone wants come up behind me and tailgate me like theyre in a hurry, then go to the right to pass me by, I will speed up to make sure i get next to the car in the right lane so they cant pass. its a bunch of bullshit that people think they have to drive 20-25 MPH over the speed limit or more unless there is an emergency situation. This bitch came up behind me today, here i was going about 40 on a street where the limit is 35, and ride right on my ass. So she proceeds to get over in the right hand lane, because i guess she thought she would pass me on the right. I sped up when I saw her go that way, and made sure I got on the bumper of the car on the right so she couldnt cut in front of me. Of course, she had to veer right back in my lane when i started passing the car on the right. Im fuckin laughing at her the whole time, with her fucking big black wig, fake eyelashes, and grandma glasses. Happens every day like that. The other one that gets me, when people are going too slow in the passing lane. I flash my lights at them. Give them a chance to get the fuck over like they should. Tailgate them in a safe distance. People should have to take the driving test once every 5 years or so, because what we are doing now is not working. One more thing that bothers me. When there is a long line of cars to get somewhere, whether they are waiting to get on a military base, waiting to merge into a single lane, or whatever, dont you hate that asshole who passes everyone up and then puts his signal on for the people in front of you to let him in the right lane??? Well you know who I cant stand? THE STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS THAT LET THEM IN!!! This has been my rant for the day. Drive safe motherfuckers.