Life of a High Schooler
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2020-11-13 00:00:00 (UTC)

This Weekend

Ugh. I’m working all weekend which I have so much crap to do it’s not funny. Today right after school I gotta go to work. Which is 4 to 9, then Saturday I gotta work 4 to 9 again, then 4 to 7 Sunday. I work at a Pizza Hut in my town and I cook, serve, and work the register/window. I literally NEVER sit down, on my feet 24/7. That’s really the only downside of my work, just glad I have comfortable shoes for work. If someone were to give me a foot massage after work, I would love them forever. I love my managers and coworkers, they are all really supportive and give me advice on things that I might be doing wrong. They always compliment me on how I’m a fast learner and how I’m a good listener. It’s such a positive environment, which I know how lucky I am because some of my past jobs everyone was always cranky and bitchy to one another. It’s really refreshing especially after school and home life. Thinking on my weeks I’m so busy it’s not even funny, lol. Sundays I go to church in the morning and work in the afternoon, Mondays I work with the mayor of my town, Tuesdays I work sometimes and have martial arts, Wednesdays I have counseling and youth group, Thursdays I sometimes work and have martial arts, Fridays and Saturdays I work. I have like no free time depending when I work, but I’m fine with it because it gets me out of the toxic house I live in. I think I’m in a better mood today because my mom slipped me some sleeping pills(my step-dad doesn’t approve so she sneaks them to me sometimes) and I finally got more than 3 hours of sleep, AND I got coffee this morning(which my step-dad doesn’t approve of but my mom still sneaks it to me). I definitely have good things in my life, and I feel like all I do is complain but I have a mom who supports me... most of the time, and I have a great job, and I have my 4 cats(got a new one recently), 2 dogs, a rat, and fish. The fish are actually very pro human and(I kid you not) will crowd together wherever a person is by their tank and they will also give people little fish kisses if your hand is in the water. Fred is my favorite fish, he’s the biggest of some of the goldfish we have.