Truer than True

Through My Eyes
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2020-11-12 05:44:03 (UTC)


Recently my sons father has been contacting me daily either by text or calling me when he thinks I’m off work, this started after my son called and told him I had a seizure. I’ve been divorced from my sons father a little over 25 years and he’s been married to a few other women after me. He first called and song happy birthday to me via voicemail. I was working at the time he called and I couldn’t answer the phone so he left me a message singing the happy birthday song. I didn’t know what to think at first because in all the years we’ve been divorced he’s never done that before at all on any of my birthday’s, then he started texting me asking questions. Some of his questions he asked was, How my day? or, What did I eat for lunch? I was cordial and gave him answers to his questions but still skeptical. Then he started asking me to call him on my lunch break or after work. I called a few times and we talked and shared information about each others medical problems but what shocked me is when he asked me today after getting off from work could he take me to dinner. I told him I wasn’t quite hungry yet but if you want to take me riding I would be okay with that. He immediately said yes, he came to my home and picked me up and I got in the car and he began driving and talking to me. I had no idea where he was taking me I was just happy to be riding and listening to my favorite radio station. As he was driving I new exactly where he was taking me, it was to my favorite place to go to Manhattan Beach. I said I love coming to this beach I come here by myself to sit and watch the waves coming in. He said he wasn’t aware and would have taken me to a different one since I come to this beach a lot. I immediately said I’m good I love coming here, so we stood watching the waves coming. After leaving the beach we went and ordered some Chinese food, parked, ate and talk some more. This is when he shocked me for the second time by saying he wanted us to rekindle the relationship. I said all the women you’ve been married to why me? He said because I never was the type to use people and he felt he never really gave us a chance in our younger years, plus he claims he’s been wanting to rekindle the relationship years ago but he felt I was angry with him by the way I would talk to him when he would come over to visit or pick up our son. I told him I’m unsure and this is something I really need to think about. I also said we first and foremost need to be friends first before any relationship can start. After eating our food he took me home and said he was going to take me riding more often. I thanked him for treating me to dinner and taking me to my favorite place.