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2020-11-13 11:56:37 (UTC)

reach out...

everyone should have a mentor. i found some good help on my work related stuff on an unusual platform. Twitch!! yes that video streaming site. yes it's filled with some crap but holy fuck there is some real treasure in there.

i got so much of good tutorials i wouldn't find elsewhere. people are seriously talented there. in your personal life or work related stuff i think it's good to have someone you follow and guide you. it helps. trust me.

watching someone who has been in the industry for more than 20 years and hearing his thoughts and all really gives you some deeper insights and makes you think shit you wouldn't normally have on your own.

also im growing a beard again. last time i did it was in the new years couple of years back. had gone to my friends house. we sat in his garden, pizza and beers and more importantly blasting some good metal music to bring in the new year.

we played this song :

it was bloddy awesome!! hahah you gotta hear the song!!!