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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-11-13 04:26:24 (UTC)

Becoming a better version of me.

I've always managed to live my life becoming a better version of myself. Every day I find a wonderful way to challange myself to be better. For myself and to try to encourage others to find their happy place. Mine has always been spending time with my loved ones specialy my brothers. I don't think I ever laugh any harder than when I spend time with them. Today I missed them all so much. Talked to my older sisters and we cried together as they held my brothers ashes on their hands. The bond one creates with family is truly unbreakable. Even though we are all very grown up we are all in a very unique way growing and learning on so many difrent levels. I saw my oldest brother holding his 4 month old baby boy sitting at their table as a family. And it made me feel so happy for him, then I called my nephew and listened to a happiness on his voice I haven't heard in a while. So all in all we are all in a good place. Or we try our hardest to be a better version of ourselves than yesterday. We are learning and growing ao much.
My friends are begining to put there xmas trees up and I can't help to think can't you all wait for thanksgiving first? What's the rush...I know am not ready for xmas yet. I'm juat trying to survive today.

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