Rob Floyd
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2020-11-12 19:24:13 (UTC)

Nov 12, 2020

Rolled outta bed around 9 am as usual. Did my mental workout on Lumosity. Took the dogs for a walk around the block, as I had to get a few things from the dollar store. I tied them up out back like i usually do, but as I was in the store, I saw Yasmin at the door trying to get in to find me. Which of course meant Johnny had run off. I tied Yasmin back up and yelled for Johnny, but he was no where to be found. I went back in to retrieve my stuff which I hadnt finished paying for yet. I figured Johnny wouldnt go too far. I came back out., retrieved Yasmin, and spotted Johnny as we were walking away from the store. I yelled for him to come over. He did, and I let him know I wasnt too happy with his behavior. We finished our walk around the block, and I made some breakfast. Watched a fantasy football show. Dont know why, my team is as bad as 2020 this year. I took mom to get a haircut. I walked around Target while she got her cut. There are always some fine lookin sights in Target. Much better than Walmart. We stopped by a Casino on the way home so i could get a college football odds sheet. Made one more stop at Winn Dixie to get a few things before heading home. I wou nd up having to go back there because we had no sandwich bread or turkey at the house. MAde myself a nice turkey on Daves good seed bread. Went on in to work. Its been a slow night so far. Just me and Savannah here. She told me about some troubles she was having with another female coworker. I gave her the best advice I could. I know this other woman can be a bully at times. I told Savannah never to back down from a bully. Stand your ground. Ive got the NFL game on the beg screen. Should be a good game tonight, Titans vs. Colts. Gotta get up early the next 3 days. Ugh. Not looking forward to it. Just not a morning person at all. When I took my 15 I ran to the gas station off base where the really nice asina guys work. Stocked up the fridge at work for the weekend. Energy drinks, coke, snacks, and some water and gatorade. Will try and record my lunchbreak escapades the next couple of days. Should be fun.