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2020-11-12 21:39:14 (UTC)

Im super tired right now. In a ..

Im super tired right now. In a good Way. I got a work out in and I’m happy about that. The day started late though so felt like I didn’t get as much done as I wanted. Still didn’t get to edit this vid of IG live cos I was trying to figure out this drifting audio syncing business. I’m just gonna post it as it is tbh. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

I’m looking forward to catching some zZZz’s. I must remember to watch the reparenting video tomo to reenergise my commitment. It really is a full time job. Everyday day it must be worked on.

I am grateful for making these discoveries. Some of my experiences have been hurtful and trauma-inducing, yet in retrospect, i sometimes feel grateful for the privilege of experiencing them early on so that I may realise the depths and fullness of my mind and my emotions. Contorted shadows and hot white lights. Deep purples and bright yellows. That I may be led onto this path of self-awareness and self-commitment. I’m grateful for the opportunity to create my own marathon and participate in it. I’m still the child but now I’m running with a parent. A phoenix. She surrounds me and lives inside me. I commit to realising more of her every day.

We are incredible for going this far. 

We are self-aware for doing this
We are developing self-mastery by doing this
We strive for discipline by following through on this

We have a dynamic and creative mind

We are curious and intelligent and are constantly forming connections between things and experiences

We are becoming more at peace with each other
She (child) and I (parent) will continue to make progress in working together.