La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-11-12 15:03:14 (UTC)

Today I feel Yellow

My doughters assignments was to make a rainbow and they came to explain the meanings of the colors, intresting how much we don't know about these things, so acording to this chart I am feeling yellow today. My brothers funeral wont be in till Monday because funeral home is saturated with work. So even though I am more awaken in the idea that I will never see my younger brother again I find confort in seeing his doughters some day and telling them how wonderful he was.
On another note I have tried so hard to get back on track with our rutine, the virtual classes are getting so boring I guess since is the end of the first trimester, is repetition on everything we've seen so far, and that's ok I have something to get distracted with mean while. My son is doing very well, he seems happy with the harvesting of the pecans, I wish I was there for thanksgiving, but I will have guest over my house my self and se what comes out of cooking a turkey, haven't cooked a thanksgiving dinner in a while, but at least I have something to look foward to.

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