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2020-11-12 18:07:39 (UTC)

A quiet new year atlast.

The time has come for the Hindu new year. This time thanks to the virus mass celebrations are cancelled. Fire crackers are also either banned or not sold in large quantities. I am very glad. Extremely glad. Fuck yes!! I'm glad.

In the past this time of the year meant two things, noise pollution and air pollution. Plus traffic jams since the fucking morons of this country think its fucking okay to burst fire crackers right in the middle of traffic. I used to hate commute during this festive time for them. Those idiots used to enjoy obviously. Hindus are a majority so they can do the fuck they want. break all the rules since even the cops wanna get in on the celebration. to the minorities like us its pure hell. they used to get drunk, dance in the streets and of course rapes used to increase since the guys say comeonnnnn its festival time!!!

I remember watching the new years celebration on the news. there would be one place by the river where the rockets and fire crackers were launched from. crowd gathers and acts like sensible humans to celebrate. i think it was for NYC.

compare to the fuckers celebrating here, imagine every ally of the city full of mini explosives going on all night long. war zone. thats once way to put it. idiots shouting in their drunken stupor.