Truer than True

Through My Eyes
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2020-11-12 01:42:34 (UTC)


I’ve been working from home over three years now and I’m at a point in my life I no longer want to be an at home agent. At the beginning of the year I started driving back into the office because I just wanted to be around people laughing and talking plus I want to be driving in my car listening to music with the windows down enjoying the air. However due to the pandemic that didn’t last long so I had to start back working from home again. This has resulted in I not missing home because I’m always there, although I understand why I’m home I just feel so lonely and bored. I wake up at home, start work at home, end work at home and then end my day at home to now I don’t miss home. Also now my job is making changes to the system we use which is resulting in us doing virtual learning to know the new system. I absolutely hate virtual learning and one of the reasons why is because they want allow us to send the material to ourselves to study, my brain is not young anymore and I don’t withhold information like I used to. I’m a person who needs to study to ensure I know the information so I can use it accurately and efficiently. I work in Customer Service and we have an average handle time we have to meet and in addition to that we have a Quality Assurance Team that monitors our work to ensure we’re doing satisfactory work but if I don’t know the system or the material then that delays me being able to do my job because I then have to navigate through a new system and have to try and recall the steps needed to complete what the customer is requesting. The company states they don’t want us reading the material off hours, however if we was in the office we would be in a class and they would hand out the training material that we would take home to study. I’m just so annoyed with the training too because the person training gets confused and ask the so call helpers to assist and they sometimes don’t know the answer and have to parking lot the steps or questions for research. This training is for a month and I can’t even recall the first steps in the training material. I even suggested we come and pick up the training material but was immediately told no. Also some of the training exercises don’t work because they have multiple classes going on and they’re recycling the information which means some of us in the class can’t even do the exercise. I keep trying to be positive and hopeful because I need this job especially with so much going on in the world and I have been with the company for thirteen years now but some part of me is still a little annoyed.