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me and my life
2020-11-11 19:46:44 (UTC)

Hard life and glitches

It's not that my life has always been easier but this time it was hell hard. Like someone is doing this to me kn purpose and someone is enjoying me see in pain. Mom was unwell on which now my sister is also unwell and Naisha is a big fusser. That tiny human is sucking our energy like anything. Today sis was unwell and i had to look after her, sis and mom and also our meals, I was on verge of crying in the morning to see all this first thing in the morning that i have to deal with so much. And i felt alone yes I'm going to blame V for this feeling because I have no one to discuss my problems and no one to make me calm. But Iam proud of self that i fought it. I drove to buy meat n fish. Made fish, mutton soup for mom and bf and lunch and dinner. And to make myself feel better I went for a haircut. And I had most expensive haircut of my life 550 inr 🤣😅🤣😂 but iwas happy and I look good.

Lately I have been getting angry on V a lot. He told me that they are financially low but I saw his sisters status that they bought a new car. How on the earth can anyoybiy a car when they are low on finance? That made me wonder that did he fool me? Did he use me? Was everything between us was a lie?? My heart races fast with anger when I think of all this and j feel like giving him a earful. But fuck it. I know karma will fuck him if he has done anything wrong. I chk his sis status on insta and I get angry so much angry that I feeling to abuse him but now he is ko body to me. Just fucking no body. Why should I even cherish the love we had coz it was a lie I guess. How how how the fuck he can do this to me. I want to hate him and forget him. How is he not even 1% of bothered of me. Was all these 5 yrs fake??? Offff this makes me go crazy...
Anyways.. Time to sleep and head for a new challenge tomorrow. Also I have to thi k of something good for my career. Maybe study further. Okies gnsdz God bless everyone