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2020-11-11 08:43:14 (UTC)

New replacement grill came 😤

New grill came last night. It's to replace the beat up one I got a couple weeks ago. Guess what? This one is banged up to but I came make it work with parts from the other grill. Good thing I already bought one that was perfect. Anyway, I got to take a peak at it last night and plan on assembling it today. This morning, I got a 9AM gym session. I'm only going this morning because my friend is going at this time too. Seemed like a good idea at the time but not right now. I'm thinking ugh.... just want my coffee, eat something greasy and take another power nap. hehe. But no, I need to just get my ass in gear and get ready for gym after my normal morning ritual of chillin and posting here.

I also hear we may be in lockdown again at the gym. This means that we'll have to do our workouts outside again. Silly Govt. They just group us together like sheep and say "Nyet!" We aren't like restaurants. They make us step on a sanitizing mat so the soles of our shoes are sanitized. Then check our temperature and force us to use plastic bags for our belongings so even our belongings can't contaminate the place. Then we are put in designated taped areas on the floor to keep us in one 8'x8' area. We can only go to the restroom one at a time. Face masks in use once anytime we are not in our square and the squares of course are 6' apart from each other. Yet, like restaurants that do none of these precautions, we will be shut down for indoor workouts. Just when I'm starting to get my groove back too. To be honest, the temp drops to the 30s so I don't know if I can do outside classes. Last time I was kayaking and loaded up the kayaks to go home, I was walking like I had a stick up my butt from being so cold. Now I'll have to do squats, burpees, lunges, and other things like that? No bueno Mr Governor.

Well, that's as much of my political complaining that I'll do. I've snoozed my fb friends that sent political posts so I better practice what I preach and keep that to a very minimum. Good thing the Gov't can't tell you not to have sex. But then again, I'm not getting any so it doesn't matter I guess huh? Doh!!! 🤪. Ok, time to get my butt in gear and hopefully in shape.

My Covid test results came in this morning. I'm negative. What?! I thought I was a positive person? haha. Jk. Tested clean. Whew! One less thing to worry about at least for the moment.

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