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2020-11-11 15:41:34 (UTC)

Brisa x Alex x Andrea x Violeta Part 1:

May 25, 2020: #tmsPilot:

May 26, 2020: #tmsTraining:

May 27, 2020: #tmsTheMeanGirls:

May 28, 2020: #tmsNinaTheQueenBee:

May 29, 2020: #tmsPrincipalsOffice:

June 1, 2020: #tmsFirstDayOfSchool:

June 2, 2020: #tmsFirstAssign:

June 3, 2020: #tmsPrincipal'sOffice:

June 4, 2020: #tmsSnatcher:

June 5, 2020: #tmsGermanmeetsMoralesSisters:

June 8, 2020: #tmsRicardoMeetsMoralesSisters:

June 9, 2020: #tmsNinaDealsIt:

June 10, 2020: #tmsKarinaVsBrisa:

June 11, 2020: #tmsTroubleBrisa:

June 12, 2020: #tmsBrisaSuspended:

June 15, 2020: #tmsWelcomeBackBrisa:

June 16, 2020:
June 17, 2020:
June 18, 2020:
June 19, 2020:
June 22, 2020:
June 23, 2020:
June 24, 2020:
June 25, 2020: #tmsSistersFatherSituation:
June 26, 2020:
June 29, 2020:
June 30, 2020:
July 1, 2020:
July 2, 2020:
July 3, 2020:
July 6, 2020: #tmsForgetKarina:
July 7, 2020: #tmsDealingVioleta:
Letty: Umm Brisa, Alex and Andrea, would you like to talk to Violet for the second?
Brisa, Alex, Andrea: Yes mom
Letty: Thank you for responding girls.
(3 of them are exiting)
Letty: Violeta Morales! What did you just kissed German at school?
Violeta: German is mine, and he talked to me for the last period, and Nina just pushed me, and I violently to Nina!
(Letty slapped Violeta very hard)
Letty: Vio! You just punished about kissing the football boys at school, and spreading rumors with out your clothes on. That was nasty!
Brisa: Umm Letty, it was Violet.
Letty: Brisa, just leave me alone for now. Finish your homework.
Brisa: Okay.
(Brisa exits)
(Speaking to the girls):
German: Umm Alex Brisa and Andrea wanna sit and chat?
Three: Yeah sure.
(German, Alex, Brisa and Andrea are sitting down on the kitchen table)
German: Look Girls, Violeta just kissed me at the football team, and Violet sent to the principal's office that what happened to your sister.
Andrea: Violeta is a bitch German.
German: I know Andrea. It's only your sister.
Brisa: I think she will be grounded for life, because I wanna go to school, and I got my new classes on my semester one.
Alex: (Types for the laptop that Violeta and German are kissing)
German: Umm I think it was me.
Alex: I went to the principal's office too.
Brisa: Alex just stop, Letty is gonna be mad soon.
(Letty goes downstairs, and sees Alex's laptop)
Letty: Alex, would you like to show a pic of Violeta and German are kissing?
Alex: Umm I did already.
Letty: I will borrowed your laptop. (kisses your forehead)
Alex: Okay.
(Alex went upstairs)
July 8, 2020: #tmsPayMoreBrisa:

July 9, 2020: #tmsNinaRising:

July 10, 2020: #tmsAlexFirstSuperPower:

July 13, 2020: #tmsAlexHasSuperPowers:

July 14, 2020: #tmsJealousyAndrea:

July 15, 2020:
July 16, 2020:
July 17, 2020:
July 20, 2020: #TMSGerardoAndAndreaMeetAgain:
Alex: I cannot believe that this girl got violated.
Brisa: Alex just stop. (puts on the cucumber face mask)
Alex: Sorry. (reads the Pop magazine)
German: So, Vio, do you have a great Saturday?
Violeta: Yeah. (kisses your neck)
Andrea: That's super gross Vio!
Violeta: (throws my pillow at you)
Andrea: Ugh! (texts Gerardo on my cellphone)
(Alex's phone chimes)
Alex: Hi Ricardo! Umm yes, I need one missing assignment from my sisters class. Okay. @4? Okay. Tomorrow? Yes! Bye! (phone ending)
Brisa: What's going on?
Alex: Ricardo and I needed for the assignment!
Brisa: Damn Alex! You need to finish one more assignment before your turned in.
Alex: I know, it was only 5 questions!
Brisa: Yes.
(German and Violeta are kissing for the 8 hours)
July 21, 2020: #tmsBlackmailsInClass:
July 22, 2020: #tmsGermanAndVioleta:
July 23, 2020:
July 24, 2020:
July 27, 2020:
July 28, 2020: #tmsSummerDanceCompetition:
July 29, 2020: #tmsVioletaGetsViral:
July 30, 2020: #tmsSistersOnASummerVacation:
July 31, 2020: #tmsSummerVacation:
August 3, 2020: #tmsFashionShowForAlex:
August 4, 2020: #tmsAlexDeservesIt:
August 5, 2020: #tmsDemolish:
Alex: Violeta, why did Nina destroy your project?
Violeta: (to Alex, crying) Because she decided to use the paper machete for her secret weapons!
August 6, 2020: #tmsFirstdayofJobMoralesSisters:

August 7, 2020: #tmsGreatJobMoralesSisters:

August 10, 2020: #tmsTeaWorkingSisters:

August 11, 2020: #TMSKindnessBrisa:

August 12, 2020: #TMSFarewellMoralesFather:

August 13, 2020:
August 14, 2020:
August 17, 2020:
August 18, 2020:
August 19, 2020:
August 20, 2020:
August 21, 2020:
August 24, 2020:
August 25, 2020:
August 31, 2020:
September 1, 2020:
September 2, 2020:
September 3, 2020:
September 4, 2020:
September 21, 2020:
September 30, 2020:
October 1, 2020:
October 2, 2020:
October 5, 2020:
October 20, 2020:
October 30, 2020:
November 2, 2020:
November 3, 2020:
November 4, 2020:
November 5, 2020:
November 6, 2020:
November 9, 2020: #tmsClashOfSisters:
November 10, 2020: #tmsNinaAndVioleta:

November 11, 2020: #tmsgoodbyeKarina:
Anita: Are you sure to find Mauricio in the car?
Brisa: We don't know yet Ani. We're missing Alex!
Anita: Alex is here, don't worry.
(Alex enters as she was wearing the ripped detail jeans)
Anita: Alex, what happened to your pants?
Alex: Sara just ripped my pants in class yesterday.
Emilia (Mia H): Alex, stop bullying about Sara, she's just a bitch. come on.
November 12, 2020: #tmsNinaAndVioletaShowdown:
At School: Main Hallway:
Anita (Catherine Caro): Are you guys interested in pet care club?
Brisa, Alex, Andrea, Violeta: (To Anita) Yes!
Anita: (gets Pet care club posters from the Morales sisters) Here you go!
Brisa, Alex, Andrea, Violeta: (to Anita) Thank you!
Anita: Oh by the way sisters, I have a boyfriend.
Brisa: Umm who was it?
Anita: I am not sure Brisa, I will ask him.
Brisa: (scoffs) Geez Girls. I guess Anita finds a new boyfriend.
November 13, 2020: #tmsGermanAndVioleta:
At Morales Sisters Mansion: Violeta's Bedroom:
German: Umm girls, can you just leave us alone for the moment.
(Brisa, Alex, Andrea are exiting the bedroom)
German: Thank you. Violeta, I am so sorry about what Nina just pranked you alot, because I talked to her that she broked up with me right away.
Violeta: That's okay German. (sniffs) Because I am a savior survivor for the rescue.
(they kissed)
German: You may go now Girls.
(Brisa, Andrea, Alex are entering the Violeta's bedroom)
Andrea: Violet! Are you serious with you and German?
German: (to Andrea) Andrea, relax! It's just a date!
November 16, 2020: #tmsAlexandraVsSara:
Mauricio: Hey girls, wanna talk?
Brisa, Andrea and Violeta: Yeah what?
Mauricio: Umm your sister got in a fight in the bathroom. I have to wait for you.
Brisa, Andrea, Violeta: Okay.
(cut to: At Girls Bathroom: Sara just choked Alex's neck)
Alex: (cough)
Hortensia: Sara, that's enough to bully my best friend!
Marissa: Hortensia, just let it go for now okay.
Brisa, Andrea, Violeta: Alex, Alex! (gets Alex out in Sara)
Marissa: Sara, why did you just slapped my friend out of Alex's sisters purpose!
Sara: Not fair about you Marissa, you are the one that you just stole Alex's life.
Azucena: Alex, wanna go to the Principal's office, because Sara just bullied you?
Alex: Yeah sure.
(Azucena, Hortensia and Marissa are gonna pick up some Alex's things and Alex's bag that Sara did, and they send Alex to the principal's office)
Sara: Go with Alex, what are you waiting for?
(Brisa, Andrea and Violeta are gonna pick up the Alex's fur jacket)
Principal's Office: Andrea, Brisa and Violeta are in the principal's office waiting room, and Alex, Hortensia, Marissa and Sara are inside the principal's office:
Principal: Alex, your choking bullying just feels better about you.
Alex: (llorar) I know, Sara just choked me, and she ripped my test about the grades.
Principal: Sara, you will suspended from school for dealing Alex as a bully.
Marissa: Yeah Sara, you better kick your ass, and stay away from Alexandra.
Sara: Shut up!
(Sara and Marissa are fighting each other)
Alexandra: Marissa that's enough!
Principal: Sara and Marissa knock it off! Sara, you will be grounded for not going to school, and especially the fall festival! Now write 15 things that you did for stay away from Alexandra.
At Morales Sisters House: Dining Table:
Letty: Alex are you okay?
Alex: (eats chow mein) Yes mommy.
Letty: Brisa, can you tell us what happened to Alex?
Brisa: Sara will suspended for bullying Alexandra in the girls bathroom, and I found the video from you.
Letty: (borrows your phone, and sees Sara choking Alex in the girls bathroom) I am so sorry about Sara Mija, because you just dealing with Sara in the girls bathroom this morning.
(Andrea's phone ringing)
Andrea: Gerry, what happened to my sister?
(Gerardo: (driving in the car) Sara just choked Alex)
Andrea: Shit, Gerry, we have to arrive my house!
Violeta: Andrea, sit down and eat.
Andrea: (throws salt and pepper white chicken at you)
Letty: Andrea, you have to go to your room for what happened.
Andrea: (shoves my plate, and goes upstairs)
November 17, 2020: #tmsFallFestival2020:
Alyssa (Paulina R): Umm hey Girls, I have to get these papers from us if you interested for the dance company.
Brisa: (signs the Dance company tryouts) Here you go!
Alyssa: Brisa Morales, thank you so much! This is my dancers. Taylor, Sara, Marina and Anastasia.
Brisa: Glad to meet you!
Anastasia (Arantza H), Taylor (Nancy H), Marina (Natalie A) and Sara Berenice (Mariela G): Glad to meet you Brisa!
Sara: They stole my name!
Anastasia: Is that The Queen bees Brisa?
Brisa: (looks at Sara) Umm yeah.
Sara Berenice: Just ignored them okay.
Brisa: Alright.
Marina: Alexandra is missing right?
Andrea, Brisa, Violeta: Right!
Marina: Okay I'll take Brisa on the list!
Andrea Violeta: (to Brisa, squealing) Congrats Brisa!
Brisa: Thank you sisters!
Kimberly (Diana M): Andrea Morales!
Andrea: Kim! Bestie! (hugs)
Kimberly: You are invited for my nightlife with my boyfriend!
Andrea: Yeah sure thanks!
Kimberly: Umm What about Alex?
Andrea: Alexandra gets stuck in the Truck right now.
Kimberly: Oh shit! Is she okay?
Andrea: I have to call her.
Kimberly: She was so stupid!
November 18, 2020: #tmsVioletaFirstKiss:
November 19, 2020: #tmsSaraGetsBusted:
November 20, 2020: #tmsMissingAlexandra:
November 23, 2020: #tmsWelcomeBackAlexandra:
November 24, 2020: #tmsAlexandraDilemma:
November 25, 2020: #tmsAlexandraExcuses:
November 26, 2020: #tmsThanksgiving:
November 27, 2020: #tmsPushedBySisters:
November 30, 2020: #tmsExamTesting2020:
December 1, 2020: #TmsKarinaFuneral:
December 2, 2020: #TMSBreakupAlex:
December 3, 2020: #TMSFlashbackAlex:
December 4, 2020: #TMSSpoiledSara:
December 7, 2020: #TMSEndOfTheBattleOfBianca:
December 8, 2020: #TMSBiancaVsVioleta:
December 9, 2020: #TMSBrisa'sFirstDance:

December 10, 2020: #TMSBrisa'sFirstDate:

December 11, 2020:
December 14, 2020:
December 15, 2020:
December 16, 2020:
December 17, 2020:
December 18, 2020: #TMSMissingVioleta:
(part 2)

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