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2020-11-11 15:25:26 (UTC)

Unseen Loveliness

Galway Kinnell, an American poet, explains in one of his poems it is sometimes necessary to "reteach a thing its loveliness." How does that look when one must reteach it to herself?

"Unseen Loveliness"

For years I have worn rose-colored glasses,
but I have also hidden myself behind them.
I long for people to see whom I think is the "real me,"
yet I measure my own worth through a one-way mirror.

Is there no one I can tell my painful truths to besides myself?
Can I ever effectively re-organize my internal self to not care?
These nagging questions persist, while I struggle to answer them.
It's time I till the secret gardens of me-ness and step into their light.