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2020-11-11 14:25:19 (UTC)

Down with the old school tendencies.

So it's been about two weeks since my sister has been kicked out of the house because she fell pregnant. The old people want her to get married and I don't think she should be forced into marriage because she's pregnant though. I mean so many of the adults in my family ended up in bad marriages because they were forced, why would you do the same thing to someone else? Yes, according to them it's better to be married before you bring a child into this world but the child is still a blessing regardless. My mother won't speak to my sister because she doesn't want to get married. We don't live in those times anymore, a women doesn't have to do what society expects her to do. This is ridiculous. The old people put so much pressure on us to do what we're suppose to do and do the right thing according to them. What about what we want to do? and what makes us happy? I mean yes they always want the best for us but when we do something that they don't like or agree with it's as if the world is ending. Also what is with caring what other people think or say???? Do what makes you happy!! This is your life and you only have one to live so make it count and live it the way you want to. I don't think my sister is coming back...and I don't blame her. I say down the old people rushing you and dictating our lives. Get married when you're ready, have children when you're ready or just don't.