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2020-11-11 07:06:11 (UTC)

Gee waking up today was a ..

Gee waking up today was a little more challenging. It’s 8:05 but I’ve been snoozing since 7:20am. I think it’s because of the sleeping meds I took last night. I also think I should have slept earlier. I took some late nights calls yesterday that usually I would have missed if I had my whatsapp on flight mode as I usually do. Yesterday I said let me keep it open. But I think as from 9pm it’s gonna be off now so that other calls don’t come and disrupt my bedtime. I’ll tell them. Or maybe I won’t. Feeling quite heavy eyed right now as I type this. But it’s ok, I’m up. Today I want a better version of the day I had yesterday. As I build my website I want to make rapid decisions and just execute, knowing that I will come back and do a second and third revision so the most important thing is to just DO IT. I want to experience calm today. And joy, and progress.

Jacinta just called me now. Telling me she wants to receive the product before she pays. This has annoyed me. Why do people always try to cross it? Saying she can’t do transfer can only do cash. Eye roll. Which means my delivery person will have to take the cash and bring it to me. That’s another risk that I’m taking. I’ll have to tell her it’s an extra 2k so Delivery will be

- I had a couple of dreams in one but the main one I can remember is that my label was ready and for some reason I had to fly all the way to India to the sellers shop to see the samples. My plan was to go back to UK or naij that evening but the labels were looking basic so I needed to stay longer. I ended up staying at a house and Donna from sf was there. Someone familiar came and offered us some treats and I declined and Donna accepted. Seeing Donna accept made me also want to accept. So I did. Then next thing you know were were in an office setting at a swanky company and they were doing some kind of welcome or leaving speech.

Also had a dream where I was in a Danfo bus riding at the front bit and the passengers beside me where deformed looking. And every time the deformed person got off the bus at their stop another deformed person would get on and sit beside me. It happened once or twice. The second deformed person had really bad breath and a face that looked like a sever cleft lip. I tried to move away but there was no place to move. When we all got off the bus I saw that his leg was deformed too, one leg was skinnier and shorter than the other. He looked Hausa kinda like those beggars on at the traffic lights. Wonder what that means.