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2020-11-11 06:08:12 (UTC)

Nice Surprise!

Tonight my son fulfilled my birthday wish I requested from him by taking me to see my stepmother who I hadn’t seen in 10 years. She lives some miles away and since I’ve been diagnosed with Epilepsy I didn’t want to drive that far so I told him to drive me to see her for my birthday. She was not aware I was coming to see her because I wanted it to be a surprise and it definitely was. When we walked in the door she immediately wanted a hug from us both. She instantly began crying from the excitement of seeing us. Sadly she’s bedridden due to her being sickly and getting her leg amputated. However after crying and hugging for a few minutes she wanted pictures of us hugging her which my son and I took turns taking. After taking pictures we talked and reminisce about old times and she made me promise to not wait so long to see her again. I told her we will most definitely see each other again soon, we hugged said our goodbyes and I love you and my son drove me back home. I’m so happy and grateful he did that for me.