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2020-11-11 01:41:56 (UTC)

Collided: Brisa and Brandon: Best Kilig/ Sad Moments:

There is the Hashtag:
May 18, 2015: #CollidedPilot:

May 27, 2015: #CollidedFirstMeet:

May 29, 2015: #CollidedFirstFallInLove:

June 1, 2015: #CollidedMeetYouAtTheGym:

June 2, 2015: #CollidedTrueLoveFeelings:

June 4, 2015: #CollidedBrisaHereICome:
Brandon: Brisa?
Brisa: (sees Cantu, and squeals) Cantu!!! (kisses You on the lips)
Erin: Brisa! What are you doing?
Brisa: Cantu just found my secret bitch!
Erin: Aww! Hey Brandon!
Brandon: (to Erin, waves at you)
Erin: Umm I have a secret crush on my sister!
Brandon: Brisa, wanna hang out?
Brisa: Okay. Erin, stay with Casey.
Erin: Casey?
June 5, 2015: #collidedLastOfReport:

July 23, 2015: #CollidedCantuAndEstebanBrothers:

July 24, 2015: #CollidedPhoneRaid:

July 29, 2015: #CollidedMahal:

July 30, 2015: #CollidedFirstDance:

August 3, 2015: #collidedPrincessAndI:

August 11, 2015: #CollidedOutburst:
Esteban: Brisa, I don't love you, because I wanna be someone else.
Brisa: That's not true! (llorar)
Ricky: Brisa, let's go now. We're going out now!
Brisa: Lopez! Get my bags!
Ricky: Okay. (gets your bag) I'll meet you in my class!
Brisa: Okay. Esteban, you lied to me, and everything that you just give the another chance. That's not true! Because I outbursted everything that I want. (screaming)
Ale: Brisa, Bri! What's wrong?
Brisa: Ale, Esteban broked up with me.
Brandon: Ale, I think Brisa got outburst.
Ale: I know.
Brandon: Because she and Esteban are broked up because of the family issues with her mom.
Ale: Let's forgive her, okay.
(they leaved)
August 12, 2015: #collidedStayAwayFromMarco:

August 17, 2015: #collidedcheatingBrisa:
Erin: Lopez?
Lopez: What, what happened?
Erin: Esteban cheated my sister!
(Erin, Brandon, Ricardo are rushed into Brisa's bad situation in classroom)
Brisa: I don't even love you anymore! (llorar)
Cantu: Brisa, stop it, because I cheated on the other girl!
Brisa: I know. Brandon, you need to wait.
Brandon: (abrazo) Esteban, don't you dare to stay away from Brisa.
Ensy: Brandon Tomas, I don't need this! (slaps you)
Substitute teacher: Ensy, go to the middle room please.
Brandon: But Ensy is crazy!
Brisa: Cantu! Stop!
August 20, 2015: #collidedFairyTale:

August 21, 2015: #collidedKissoftheGirl:
(Cantu and Brisa kissing in Brisa's bedroom)
Brisa: Thank god! You finally came to the best fight in school!
Cantu: I thought you have Sammy for reason.
Brisa: (opens the photo album, and sees Brisa and Sammy are enjoying the pavilion) From Lin.
Cantu: Okay.
August 26, 2015: #collidedneverturnedback:
Angelica: Brisa? Wanna say something to Brandon?
Brisa: (sighs to Angelica) Brandon, thank you for the invite as same as Erin.
Brandon: Brisa, Thank you as well!
Erin and Angelica: (chuckles)
Angelica: Baby Brisa. Wanna start doing your projects because I have to make the phone call with Nicole?
Brisa: Yeah sure!
(Angelica handles the phone, and exits in upstairs)
August 27, 2015: #collidedbattleofthewar:

September 1, 2015: #collidedStarsAgain:

September 3, 2015: #collidedDental:

September 4, 2015: #CollidedLaborDayBrisa:

September 8, 2015: #collidedHeatedBrisaSister:

September 11, 2015: #CollidedHeatedByYouBrisa:

September 14, 2015: #collidedwintheheart:

September 15, 2015: #collidedNakedPictures:

September 16, 2015: #collideduninviteBrisa:

September 18, 2015: #CollidedDoYouLoveHim:
Esteban D: Brisa, what was that in your paper?
Brisa: Weekend sheet!
Esteban D: Okay, wait, you are going to Eric's?
Brisa: (shakes no) No
Brandon: Brisa, just go with us!
October 6, 2015: #collidedSecretLunch:
Brandon: We're breaking up?
Brisa: Brandon, don't do this to me!
October 8, 2015: #CollidedBoysTables:
Brandon: Do not go, stay here!
Brisa: Okay.
(Brisa tries to sit the boys table)
Brandon: Go go go!
(Brisa runs away)
Brandon: Do you made it?
Brisa: Yeah. (gets my hot cheetos and eats it)
Esteban D: Brisa, why did you escape to the boys table?
Brisa: Umm I just sawed it a while ago. (gets my bag)
Darian: Does anyone wanna go to boys table?
Brisa, Esteban D, Brandon: No.
Darian: Got it! (writes the note about No Boys Table Allowed)
Hector B: Come on Brisa, do not go to the boys table!
October 12, 2015: #CollidedHotlineBling:
Brisa: Shh! (takes off your pants and your shirt)
Brandon: What are you doing Brisa? (covers my shirt)
Brisa: Let the boys table sat down there!
Brandon: I know! (kisses your legs)
(Erin points to Brandon and Brisa are underneath the boys table)
Erin: There! B! There!
B: Brisa Marissa and Cantu! Get out in the boys table!
(Brisa and Cantu are crawling out in the boys table, and Cantu puts his shirt on and pants on too)
Brisa & Cantu: Sorry B!
B: That's okay, as soon as no naked showing.
Brisa: Right. (pulls Brandon In) Cantu, this is the first warning that we just sawed our kissing naked at school.
Brandon: Move our butts!
October 13, 2015: #collidedheartbroken:

October 15, 2015: #CollidedWrongSend:

October 19, 2015: #CollidedOneLastCry:
Cantu: Brisa?
Brisa: (abrazo, llorar)
Esteban D: Is she okay?
Cantu: Bro. Brisa is crying, because she got the mistake!
Esteban D: I think she needs Erin. Erin?
Erin: Yes Esteban?
Esteban D: Your sister is crying for what happened this morning.
Erin: Brisa? Are you okay? I finished my homework done, and Irene gave me a happy face! And you, you are so much in trouble.
Brisa: Erin, I just got the mistaken!
Amigo Cantu 2: Erin, just leave her alone right now.
Erin: Ugh fine!
October 24, 2015: #CollidedHomecomingPartner:

October 26, 2015: #CollidedUnoffered:
At School: Cafeteria: Everyone is seated except Brisa sits alone:
Esteban D: You okay?
Brisa: I am good.
Esteban D: You should hang with Cantu.
Brisa: I know amigo. (eats orange)
(cut to):
Esteban: Hopefully Kim, we can share food right away without Brisa.
(cut to):
Brandon: Brisa, Brisa! Wanna see this video?
Brisa: What video?
Brandon: (opens the video app, and sees Brisa and Kim are fighting)
Brisa: No!!! (throws the tray in the floor)
Esteban and his friends: (laughter)
Amigo Cantu: Guys knock it off or I will tell her teacher right now.
(Brisa picks up the tray, and puts the tray in the Stand, and Brisa gets the grape juice and throws juice to Esteban)
Esteban: What do you want Brisa?
Brisa: May I offer your orange?
Esteban: No, because you are lying.
Esteban and his friends: Oooo!
Brisa: I am not lying!
(Erin enters)
Erin: She's not lying! Please stop!
Jorge D: Guys, let Brisa sit!
October 28, 2015: #CollidedGlimpse:

October 30, 2015: #CollidedFakeSmile:

November 2, 2015: #CollidedStillBreakUp:

November 4, 2015: #CollidedHideOutBrisa:

November 6, 2015: #collidedMeetAgainMeetInTheSchool:

November 17, 2015: #CollidedAgainAndAgain:

January 14, 2016: #CollidedAloneBrisa:

January 15, 2016: #CollidedMissingYouBrisa:

January 27, 2016: #CollidedBrisaVsKim:

February 3, 2016: #CollidedBrisaAssHole:

February 4, 2016: #collidedMeetBrandonGF:

February 5, 2016: #CollidedWinterFormal:

February 12, 2016: #CollidedVdayMasquerade:

February 23, 2016: #collidedReplacement:

March 2, 2016: #collidedHell:
Brandon: Brisa, why are you crying?
Brisa: They put me in hell!
Hector B: She's crying and crazy for her!
Esteban D: Shh!
March 7, 2016: #collidedthisiswhatyoucamefor:

March 14, 2016: #CollidedNotLovingYouBrisa:

April 12, 2016: #collidedSlapfight:
(Brisa crying)
Jorge D: So who's fault was that?
Briseda: I don't know Jorge, Brisa cheated Esteban first.
Nico B: I think she dumped Esteban for the few weeks.
Lis: Nico. Esteban is coming.
Nico: Okay.
(Nico, Lis, Briseda and Jorge are hiding in the back of the bus)
Brisa: (slaps Esteban) You kissed with the another girl, because you are criminal!
Briseda: Brisa, just stop it! Because we have to go!
Brisa: Because you of the sudden death for the fucking reason, and you didn't like me at all!
Brandon: Bri Brisa! What's going on?
Briseda: She slapped Esteban because she got for the lost criminal that day.
Audrey: Me too Cantu, Esteban caught on Kim for getting married.
Tony N: Umm you guys are stop talking about Esteban before the bus driver comes.
Danelly: You are right Tony. (offers the dollar in your pocket)
April 13, 2016: #collidedBadForBrisa:
Erin: Brisa? Esteban is with the another girl?
Brisa: Not even true Erin! (slaps Erin in the face)
Erin: (slaps Brisa in the face back) How even dare you!
(Brisa and Erin are fighting each other backs, and Angelica enters the house)
Angelica: Brisa and Erin! Stop! What's going on?
Brisa: I breaked up with Esteban, and I just outbursted him!
Angelica: You know what Brisa, just go to your room right now.
(Brisa went upstairs, and she gets the backpack from school)
April 14, 2016: #collidedLifeOfTheBrisa:

April 15, 2016: #collidedCrazyForBrisa:

April 19, 2016: #collidedBrisa'sBigDay:

April 20, 2016: #collidedkissesforBrisa:

April 22, 2016: #collidedcomebacktome:

April 27, 2016: #collidedSavemyLifeSavemyBrisa:

May 12, 2016: #CollidedUnexpectedBrisa:

May 18, 2016: #CollidedBurnedByHellBrisa:

May 19, 2016: #CollidedSweet16Brisa:

May 24, 2016: #CollidedBadAssSlap:
Brandon: What happened?
Tony: I think she slapped Eric.
(Brandon and Tony are following in the class, and they sawed Esteban and Brisa are arguing each other)
Brisa: What? You being fucked by me, with that other girl?
Esteban: Yeah she's mine.
Brisa: (shocked) (slaps Eric) (goes to the middle room)
Tony and Brandon: Bree!
Middle room: (Tony and Brandon are sitting down with Brisa):
Tony N: Bree, why did you slapped Eric?
Brisa: Because of Esteban just kissed Kari on purpose!
Brandon: Bree, do not tried to slapped Eric if you want, because he's not around, he doesn't do anything about him.
Brisa: Yeah I know. (gets the tissue paper and wipes the tears) (drinks water bottle)
May 25, 2016: #CollidedTheRumorAndGossip:

May 26, 2016: #CollidedBrisaCheatingEsteban:

June 2, 2016: #CollidedThirdKissNeverDies:
Cantu: Brisa? Why did you lie to Eric when I am not here?
Brisa: (To Brandon) He told me that I am not a liar!
Cantu: (To Brisa, hugs Brisa on the shoulder) Shit, Brisa, don't bully to Eric, leave him alone right now.
June 13, 2016: #collidedBrisantuInSchool:

June 15, 2016: #CollidedSwitchPlaces:

June 17, 2016: #collidedSummerschoolLove:

July 11, 2016: #collidedSummerHeat:

July 20, 2016: #collidedBoyfriendMeetsAgain:

July 21, 2016: #CollidedGuapoCantu:

July 22, 2016: #collidedHereComesTheBrisa:

July 25, 2016: #CollidedBackTogetherBackInLove:
Brandon: Brisa Marissa!
Brisa: Cantu! (hugs)
Brandon: Bri Bri! How are you?!
July 26, 2016: #CollidedBrisaIsNotHeartbroken:

August 3, 2016: #CollidedCantuThePhotographer:

August 5, 2016: #CollidedMijaBeforeMe:

August 8, 2016: #CollidedDinnerDate:

August 11, 2016: #CollidedTuko:

August 15, 2016: #CollidedMeMyselfAndBrisa:

August 22, 2016: #CollidedPrincessBrisa:

August 26, 2016: #CollidedFearBrisa:

August 29, 2016: #CollidedNeedYouNow:

August 31, 2016: #CollidedSomebodyToLove:

September 1, 2016: #CollidedVolunteer:

September 9, 2016: #CollidedEndingRelationship:

September 13, 2016: #CollidedAgainWithBrisa:

October 10, 2016: #CollidedAwkwardBrisa:

October 17, 2016: #CollidedBrisaLastDance:

October 27, 2016: #Collided2MoreDays:

October 28, 2016: #CollidedBestEndingAfter:

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