London Life
2020-11-10 23:04:09 (UTC)

Didn't get lost going to the warehouse. But got lost inside it.

Monday and Tuesday
It’s been a very mild couple of days, 17 degrees yesterday. We walked to The Fields Beneath for lunch, and sat in the park to eat the food. It’s a vegan café but the only hot options are two Indian options, and they’re really too spicy, and although mine wasn’t as hot as last time it obscured the taste too much. We picked up croissants also though, for our next two breakfasts, as well as a cookie and a brownie. Jack worked until 21:00 while I caught up with the news and did some Gogens.

A German company, Biontech, financed by Pfizer but actually a small concern run by a married couple, have come up with a Covid-19 vaccine that tests have shown to be 90% successful. The Evening Standards’s headline was ‘Great Day For Humanity’, though it’s not known how long the vaccine’s protection would last, whether it protects people who’d had coronavirus already, and whether it stops people from catching and passing on the virus. It also needs to be stored at -80 degrees, so you can’t just keep it in a GP surgery. However, it offers a return to normality, and there are other vaccines being worked on, notably in Oxford and at Imperial College.

Today I didn't wake until 08:40 and rushed to work, for more reconciliation stuff, which turned out to be quicker to do than expected. Jack was busy so I waited for him in the park. He had to go to Boots for some tablets. I didn't have time to wait as I had to take the minutes at a meeting. We had beans on toast for lunch!

I've got a new system where I put all my bike and running stuff on a particular cupboard shelf, which I've made space for by putting my running shoes in Jack's new shoe rack. It depends on me putting my stuff away on the shelf each time, but meant today that I left in good time to get to the warehouse even though I was fiddling with my bike lights outside for ages (I only sorted it out when I moved away from where Jack could see me from the window).

I wanted to avoid the canal as it's too slow at night, and found a route approaching the warehouse from the South, so avoiding going along the A12, which is easily crossable opposite the warehouse road. The route was via Limehouse and along Cable Street. I went in the cafe again and the lady asked where I'd come from. She didn't have a vegan brownie this time.

I was one of the first to arrive, Peter was there first but I spoke to a quite new girl, Sophie from Bexleyheath. When I said that was quite a distance, she said it didn't take long to DRIVE! Also spoke to a group of Aidan, Alex and a couple of others about my route and the vaccine. Alex is good for quips and keeping a conversation going.

We were moving desks and monitors. Richard the task owner went to talk to another group which meant we had a good little social. Hilary was there, from Sunday, as well as the girl who we last saw using a power tool. We also moved some large bits of lino using whatever carriers we could find.

I went up to the office to retrieve my jacket, and came down to find the place deserted. I could hear no voices and tried several directions and retraced my steps a few times before I could find the way out of the vast warehouse.

Got home without going wrong at all, using the CS2 cycle-highway. Jack had made pad-thai.