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2020-11-10 21:52:34 (UTC)

The Morales Sisters: Toplist: Top Bullying Moments:

This is the hashtag of the episode:
May 25, 2020: #TMSPilot:

June 1, 2020: #TMSFirstDayOfSchool:
(Brisa reading book in Ms Esmeralda classroom, and Nina ripped her book)
Brisa: How dare you!
Nina: You played as a victim!
Brisa: You are dumbass!
Nina: Oh wow! You are going to hell!
(Brisa and Nina are fighting again)
June 5, 2020: #TMSViolencebeforeSisters:

June 15, 2020: #TMSCheerleaderBrisa:
(Brisa's cheerleading squad are doing for the cheer practice, and doing some warm up stuff at the gym, and Nina and her friends are sitting on the bleachers, but some of the pe students are still doing the running a lap)
Brisa: Great job!
Brisa cheerleaders: Thank you so much!
Nina: Betty, what's going on them?
Betty: I don't know Nina, they're doing the cheer practice for Brisa.
Nina: Eww her underwear
Brisa: I'll be back girls.
Brisa Cheerleaders: Okay, watch your stuff!
Brisa: Alright. (goes upstairs, and we see of Nina and her boyfriend German kissing) What the fuck do you do with my makeout with German? I will tell Violet!
Nina: Violeta is making fun of them chill!
June 16, 2020: #TMSAngryBrisa:
(the students in English class are doing the worksheets from the missing class, and Ms Esmeralda is typing on the computer for missing assignments)
Gia: Brisa?
Brisa: Yeah?
Gia: Wanna go to the cheer banquet?
Brisa: Umm sure, my mom can come!
Gia: And what about your siblings?
Brisa: They're going to another place, including Marissa. (reads one of the chapters)
Gia: Oh Okay.
Nina: Hey blonde.
Gia: Knock it off to my cheerleader, I will tell Ms Esmeralda!
Ms Esmeralda: What's going on both?
Brisa: Nina called Gia a blonde.
Ms Esmeralda: Well thank you Bri. Nina, go to the office now.
(Nina sents to the office, and Brisa and her cheerleaders are hi fiving each other)
July 23, 2020: #TMSFightOnAndrea:

August 6, 2020: #TMSFirstDayOfJobMoralesSisters:

August 10, 2020: #TMSAndrea1stHeartbroken:

September 4, 2020: #TMSJealousNina:
(Brisa and her cheerleaders are in the coffee table with Mauricio, and Nina just sitting alone jealousy)
Mauricio: Brisa is my girlfriend by the way, and she has the same class as me.
Vico: Oh, how do you met her?
Mauricio: Well Victoria, she hit by my car in her forehead, and we went for the clinic for the next day.
Victoria: So you loved her?
Mauricio: Yeah. (drinks decaf coffee)
Isabella: See Brisa, they know by each other.
Brisa: Well thanks for asking Isabella. (drinks strawberry Tea)
September 8, 2020: #TMSInsultNina:
(school bell rings)
(students chattering)
(Brisa and her cheerleaders are going downstairs)
Gia: Nina is such a sarcasm about you.
Brisa: Yeah she dragged me to hell.
Gia: Oh my god!
Mariana: (pulls out Brisa's poster, and reads Brisa is going to hell, because she is a liar) I will tell Nina okay?
Brisa: You don't have to tell her.
(Nina and her friends are entering the school, and we sawed Brisa and her cheerleaders are still angry)
Gia: Do not insult her please.
Nina: (insults and scolds Brisa) Well daredevil, I guess you such a sarcasm for being a slut today.
Francesca: Do not call her a slut!
Nina: Shut up Francesca! I am not talking to you.
Francesca: (ignores a comment to Nina)
Nina: (pours Bloody all over you)
Brisa: (screaming)
Shannon: Nina, what did you do to my cheerleader? I will tell Brisa's mom.
September 10, 2020: #TMSNinaBirthday:
(School: Ms Esmeralda classroom):
Nina: What an insulting like a player.
Betty: I know girl, Brisa is just a slut like me.
Nina: Stop.
Angel: Don't worry Betty, I will get some cupcake.
(Brisa's cheerleading squad are still fixing the Brisa's bag)
Betty: No cupcake for you Bri. Because you insulting Nina.
Brisa: (offers a cupcake, eats it)
Nina: You are not invited to my party!
Shannon: Nina, leave my squad alone! Bri, I will get you cupcake.
Brisa: Okay.
Nina's House: All everyone enjoying the party:
September 11, 2020: #TMSNinaVsMoralesSisters:

September 14, 2020: #TMSHumilationNina:

October 7, 2020: #TMSTheMeanGirlandTheCheerleader:
(Brisa and Nina are fighting for the first time in Soccer Field at school, and Brisa's Cheerleader Teammate still sitting down)
Nina: I got first, and you know what, you insulting me!
Francesca: Do not Insult Brisa!
(Nina just pushed Bri in the ground, and Brisa is starting to evacuated)
Shannon: Is she okay?
Gia: Yeah.
October 8, 2020: #TMSNighmareofBrisa:
(Morales Sisters House: Brisa and Alex's Bedroom: Brisa is sleeping alone)
(Flashback: 06-01-2020: Brisa is still reading a book):
(Brisa is reading a book, in Ms Esmeralda Classroom, and Nina Ripped her book)
Brisa: How dare you!
Nina: You played as a victim!
Brisa: You are dumbass!
Nina: Oh wow! You are going to hell!
(Brisa and Nina are fighting again)
(Flashback Ends)
(Brisa screaming)
At School: Main Hallway: Brisa is Running and sees Brisa's Cheerleaders staring:
Gia: Oh my gosh, are you alright? Did you got the bad dream?
Brisa: (crying) Yeah I have a bad dream!
Gia: Don't worry, I will speak to your mom!
Brisa: I am okay Gia.
Shannon: You have a crush on Brandon?
Brisa: (to Shannon, snaps out of my fingers) No.
Shannon: Oh Okay.
November 10, 2020: #TMSNinaAndVioleta:

December 28, 2020: #TMSChristmasParty:

January 11, 2021: #TMSAndreaSecondFight:

March 15, 2021: #TMS15WarningDaysMoralesSistersLeft:

April 1, 2021: #TMS2DaysLeftMoralesSisters:

April 2, 2021: #TMSFinalFightMeanGirls or #TMSMeanGirlsFinalBattle:

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