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2020-11-10 21:21:39 (UTC)

Panic Attack story:

Panic Attack Stories:
August 11, 2015:
I just got outburst this morning when the nutrition break is over, and everyone is inside the classroom doing some workstuff, and then Esteban sawed me with the another girl, and Lopez told me to go in classroom for the period 2, and I got a shit fight between Esteban and I.

November 13, 2017:
When I was breaking up with my old boyfriend, at this morning, I just ended Esteban for the last 3 years. I cried on the shoulder when I was with Rolando all the time, and Rolando kissed me 1st and I told him that he said yes to me! Then after for walking the park, I have the panic attack that my old boyfriend just cheated on me, and I just hit by the car that I just raned into the walking light and I just got hurt by the car.

November 29, 2017:
Then it was the psycho 6th period, and Esteban just cheated on me. After silent reading I just got the message from my ex, and I gave a text: "Esteban, just shut up, and I have a sex with these two hoes" Then my teacher tooked away from my phone after the class is over.
October 20, 2018:
Then, it was Esteban's 23rd birthday party, so my boyfriend and his friends bought us in the car, and I just opened the car door, and grabbed my gun in the trunk, and I filled out with some panic attacks letters that my old boyfriend just cheated on me for 4 years ago. Then Torres told me not to bring guns at Esteban's party, and I didn't mention to. Then we just arrived at Esteban's house, I knocked on the door, and I gave a him a shit slap into my face, and his mom gave me a warning for the panic attack.
October 22, 2018:
Then, it was 9am in the morning, and finally I found the right eye for the sting, and it was my ex boyfriend did this to me, and I messed up the birthday parties for Esteban, and he posted on the social media.
November 14, 2018:
It was the evacuation drill this morning, Esteban just flipped me off, and I slapped my ex for getting 4 points off for the shittiest things ever!

April 10, 2019:
I posted some of the crazy photos in the someone's car, and I put Esteban is Gay, because he is lying, and after that, the cops came by to stop us.
May 20, 2019:
Then at 6th period, I just broked up with Rolando, and he said no, and I just picked Sammy for my date, and he just gave me a hug, and Rolando just pushed me for the first time.

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