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2020-11-10 14:21:18 (UTC)

Don’t listen

He takes off work early now
Says he’s on his way
Despite my words of no
Said I just know you don't like traveling with the rain, and I understand money is tight and it's going to be a 2 hour drive because of the weather.....
So, he is coming anyway.
My smith n Wesson knife is ready and next to my bed.
My guess is....
He’s coming here to either “charm” his way back in...
“Intimidation in person”
Want to “argue” “beg” “plead”
Who the hell knows.
Fact is....
His gut is telling him...
“You lost her”
Plain and simple.
Why else, go to this measure. He fucked up. He knows it.

(Deep sigh)

Went out in the storm, cleared the drain ditch and am drenched, freezing, so making some warm lemon tea with honey and going to nap so I’m ready for stomping. I’m NOT going to be belittled, put down, threaten, abused, manipulated, or dominated over. I will have ready measurements to keep us safe.

Will update as soon as I can.
Phone will be on silent, all notifications off, and will message in the morning everyone who needs confirmation I’m ok. Till then....

Going Silent unless shit hits the fan.