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2020-11-10 08:59:56 (UTC)

Dinner with some gym peeps 😤

Last night, I had dinner and drinks with some gym peeps after class. They aren't the closest of my gym peeps but they asked me to go out with them and since I wasn't doing anything, I did. The conversation was stupid. They were talking about sex and other things I wasn't wanting to talk about. I mean I don't mind talking about it but they were talking like high school kids bragging about having sex for the first time. Drugs too. One guy was talking about how he isn't sleeping in the same bed anymore with his wife and will be divorcing. One of the ladies that were sitting with us said she'd screw him. Then he backs out and says he can't till he gets divorced. Then his wife calls him and he ends up talking to her like he got his tail tucked under him. Same with the lady that said she'd screw him. She gets a call from her bf I guess trying to make amends because she just broke up with him. The breaking up with her man is true because in the parking lot, I saw the inside of her car and it looks like she's homeless with all her stuff in it. Then there is this other lady with us. She is married. She is ok actually. Wasn't talking dirty or anything like that. If fact, she stops the other guy from talking when he cuts me off during a convo. The only thing I don't like is that she tries to hook me up with all her single female friends everytime and I don't like things being shoved into my face if you know what I mean. She means well but that's not how I roll.

So that was last night. Not planning on going out with these people anymore. Makes me thankful for being single actually. I saw the drama and while I still think it's nice to have a partner in crime, I saw that last night I was not in such a bad all. I don't recall having an argument or having to raise my voice in such a long time actually and it's put me in a very tranquil state of mind. I now cherish my mornings alone even more. I swear I can smile having my hot cup of coffee in this very nippy morning enjoying the last couple of days off before I go back to work again.

In fact, I spoke to my boss yesterday telling him I'm coming back and he and the rest of the gang can't wait for me to be back too. I guess I did more work than they realized but only realized it when I was gone. hehe. He told me about the people we lost. We lost 2 Engineers in our group for taking positions elsewhere and of course my friend that passed away not so long ago.

Almost forgot. At the gym yesterday, a few of my gym peeps were working out on the earlier session and said they noticed I was here. Not by seeing me but seeing my My-zone emoji on the big screen. It picked me up because I was already wearing it driving into the parking lot. It was cool that they even know my emoji name. I must say it's nice to be wanted and/or missed. My emoji name is 'Rabbit' by the way. I used to be one of the fastest in the gym. I guess I should change that now to walrus or turtle because aint' happening right now and it's going to be awhile before I get back to it. I did warm up at home before going to the gym like I said I would. I did 1,000 jump ropes then streched out. Boy, I found out that I'm very stiff at the legs. I couldn't do my normal or it would really be tight when stretching. Sigh... it is what it is. I know it'll take time and I know I'll get there but you know, I want it now!!! haha.

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