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2020-11-10 10:39:58 (UTC)

What a night!!

Over slept. It’s 6am.
I’m tired as all hell.
Went to bed around midnight.
Got to laugh my ass off before I drifted off to sleep. Was nice as hell.
Thanks DD1. (Chuckles) so much I miss. We always have laughed so hard tears come.

Indio ticked me off prior to that so bad my son was a witness to him badgering the hell out of me.
Guess he bought a house, which I figured. He wants my son and I to move there.
NOT going to happen.

Soo much shit went down last night.
He ended up showing his true colors last night.

Said he should listen to the warnings my ex gave him.
I said good bye and refused to answer his call.
Told him to call my ex.
What a dick move.
I said I should listen to all the bullshit B has to say about him. He told me to go ahead and messaged her. So, I will. I will listen to the bullshit she has to say. Then I can run for the hills.

He said I throw an adult tantrum.
When I get mad, I walk it off.
He said I’m like a child, throwing a tantrum. I stated it’s better than being in jail for something. He got pissed, asked what that’s meaning. I of course, said nothing. Me, walking off my anger is better than putting my hands around someone neck and chocking them like he did. Yeah, he did that to B. That’s why he never sees his daughter. So, I’m doing what he said, I’m going to message her. I want her side of the story. Thing is, I don’t NEED her side, because, I have the story in black and white, I can pull up what went down online.

He chewed me out for putting his shit on the front porch. Mind you, the front porch is like a huge living room, just with concrete floors. It’s a complete enclosed huge room. So, I set his shit I packed up out there. He chewed me out and my son witnessed the mental and verbal abuse. Badgering me over and over not letting me speak. His typical mind games thinking he is better than me.

He sent a text (mind you this is not in order just shit that went down over a 2 1/2 hour time frame....
Sent a text saying to do him a favor....
What ever happens between him and I, I don’t keep his son from him.
First off, it’s NOT his son. He didn’t raise his two boys because he tried to strangle his woman. The mother to his daughter. He sounded like he was drunk last night but claimed he was just tired. I don’t trust him even as far as I can see him.
I don’t exactly want him back here. He’s not paying the bills here.....and his attitude towards me is belittling, and I will not stand for it, nor be his doormat anymore.
I need to rehook my security system back up. I don’t trust him at all. The sooner he gets his shit outa my house, the better. Straight up.
I seen a side of him last night I don’t like, nor do I trust. It’s going to bite him in the ass big time.

He said I had too many male friends. I have 2. I know he has more than 2 female friends. He calls them his ‘sisters’. So why is my 2 male friends, one I have had in my life 16 plus years an issue? We haven’t even met in person. Why is it I can’t have a male friend or two? Is he feeling threatened? Insecure? Or worried these two friends of mine are going to be protective and watch out for me?

He bitched that spending 500$ a month in gas left him with no money....because of his child support and storage etc. but he could afford to get a motel room the past two nights and go out to eat. Um, ok.
It’s all good. I want him to move back to there. Will keep me safer. Will keep my son safer.

I can’t even remember the details to everything that went down. I remember how I felt tho. I was so upset I wanted to die. No person should ever badger someone so bad they want to end it. That’s mental abuse.

He just called. I didn’t want to answer, but did. He said I miss you, I said you’ll be fine, asked if I missed him too, hesitated to answer. He asked if he could come up tonight so we can talk. I responded we can talk on the phone, he said it’s not the same, he knows, I don’t want him here. I asked if he remembers his statements last night he said yes. He said he sees my son and I in HIS home, I replied, might want to talk to my ex’s before you decide that and he said I don’t want to argue or fight. I didn’t want to last night but he sure the hell did. Funny how I find my stepping and throw his words back at him nicely how he wants to back track now. Too late asshole. You threatened me and mentally fucked me too many times. Your condom just popped and your covered in your own shit. Open and swallow fucker. I will NOT let myself listen to your lies anymore. I was nice, looked at the history in black and white, and still gave you the benefit of the doubt, but the bullshit last weekend and last night, was enough light to see the darkness you have hidden.
He doesn’t want to nor he can’t afford to live in a motel till he finds a place. His fuck up got him outa here. He ran his mouth way too much and I nicely made him eat his own words. You claim to be outa my hair soon enough, he wasn’t expecting me to say, then go. And he left. Too proud to still to this day apologize. He’s too good for apologizing. Well, he can kick his own ass or hide like he’s good at and ignore the signs and become bitter. I did NOTHING but stand up for myself. I tolerated enough bullshit.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a decent guy in there, but the Hyde part, is not worth my life nor my sons life. I believed everyone deserves a second chance, he fucked up too many chances with his need to be dominate and controlling. I would rather be homeless than move in with him at this point.

I have made both friends aware if I’m silent more than 3 days, call the authorities. I will touch base somehow. Even if just a ❤️ so they know I’m alive. I will chat when it’s safe.

Anyway, still storming here. I’m getting extremely exhausted. Weather is affecting me today.

I vacuumed and steam cleaned yesterday. Doing laundry today. Praying he doesn’t come up today, but when I say no, he’s going to do what he wants anyway. Just how he is. He will use it against me that I said no. So I was smart, and used his words back at him....I know you don’t like driving that long after work, and money is tight, so we can just chat via phone. 🤣😂
Let’s just see, he’s desperate for a place to sleep. I’m not stupid. You made your bed, lay in it.

Yes, I’m bitter.
I will, I WILL win my strength and will power back.
And I will, I WILL be the one laughing in the end while you self destruct because you lost the best thing in your life.
As I stated....

I’m smiling. Off to nap 😴