wet blanket
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2020-11-10 13:17:06 (UTC)

basically i've always ..

basically i've always known i'm the cunt that's going to die young. i am at 23 and don't really know how i even made it this far.
but i wanted to write this for all the people that are shocked when that happens. basically if you really knew me you should have seen it coming. i know i'm responsible, not putting that on anyone. if you knew me i'm self destructive as fuck and i always put myself in really bad situations. no one actually wants to pull other people out of a hole. everyone's got their own shit going on. It's just when it's up to me relying on me.... who is completely unreliable...
go figure bad shit is going to happen.
It's okay though meet my ghost at the look out at chambers gully. we can talk.

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