Truer than True

Through My Eyes
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2020-11-10 11:40:03 (UTC)


I’m so grateful for my cousins because I felt so much love from them on my birthday and it was extended to the next day. I received a birthday shout out on my favorite radio station which just made me feel so happy and special. This year for my birthday I didn’t want anything materialistic or monetary although I still received it. However the only thing I truly wanted from family and friends was love and for them to spend quality time with me. My cousins certainly fulfilled my request and I’m so grateful they did this for me. Those who could not come called and song happy birthday to me via FaceTime, all I could do was cry with joy for all the love they showed me. I’ve been so emotional this year with so much going on and me being diagnosed with Epilepsy but I must say these last two days have truly made so happy and I felt the love from them all. I LOVE them all so much, they always come through for me and I am so thankful and grateful!!!!