The Jigsaw

The Final Game
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2020-11-10 12:17:50 (UTC)


I uninstalled the game from my system. i played it around 30% of it and i satisfied my hunger for killing.

I took the flamethrower and went all out mental on the village and torched them to ashes. well not exactly ashes as the game physics isn't that well developed. they just turned black.

since killing isn't allowed without consequences i tend to unleash my vengeance out on the game npcs. games are good. its a very personal choice. like music and god. none is better than its counterparts. they all are different. only odd man out being god since it doesn't exist. haaaah!

you download files from the internet
you burn a cd/dvd
you transfer files from and to your laptop.
you switch on/off any electrical appliances

just some proper jargon which is rare among the humans.