Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-11-09 20:36:11 (UTC)

I hate being 17

The worst part about being 17 are all the responsibilities you are accounted for yet none of the privileges. I still don’t have my own room. I wish I could hide somewhere and be sexual with myself or with some friends. I wish I had my own place to stay, finally have true privacy. I’m a senior in highshool (12th grade) and so I have all the worries of finial year students and getting into college or starting work. I’ve been thinking about getting a job at Firehouse Subs. Because sub shops seem to run in the family and I want to be a firefighter so it seemed pretty fitting. Something that I get a lot is “don’t rush it” but it’s hard not too, at the same time it’s not like I can actually speed up Life. I wish I could hit the fast forward button and finally have a private home and snuggle up with whoever cute boy I find to be mine. Well mine to submit too anyway...

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