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2020-11-09 21:22:35 (UTC)

check in

Just a quick one before bed.
Had a good day today i'd say. good start to the week. i actually worked out and didn't feel like ihad to force myself to do it. i'm happy about that. beforehand i had an attitidue of 'if i'm not gonna sweat to the high heavens, there's no point'. now i'm getting more accustomed to the practice of varying my workout to suit my capabilities. so because i worked out yesterday and did more cardio moves, today i only did one set of cardio and the rest was body weight resistance type exercise. i also like that i seem to have figured out that working out midway through my day has its advantage. it's like my second wave for the day. my first being the natural perkiness i have in the morning. that natural energy. then by afternoon my motivation levels start to dip, my focus, and i may start to feel a bit frustrated with the work i''m trying to do. gettin that work out in there around 4/5pm is a nice little way to break away from the work, and boost my energy levels. so that i can get back my focus. and it actually works! after working out, im more inclined to take my glut vitamins, which means i don't eat for an hour afterwards. so i don't have dinner until 8pm thereabouts.

I would, however like to keep trying to find a way to work faster. i feel like during my working windows im spending a large amount of it moving in cirlces and i could be getting more done. but i think that's to do with me. i listened to one of gary v's talks while stretching after my workout - only 15 mins. but he emphasised 'just doing'. he said the reason, or one of the reasons he gets so much done or is a 'winner' as he put it, is because he believes doing is more efficient than thinking. doing gives you more immediate feedback than thinking. and that applies to me - its something i want to work on cultivating. that quick decision making, not agonising over whether something is the right decision, and realising that there are 100 'right ways' of doing something not just one. and instead i should just do what feels right at that moment, give myself a limit of spending not more than 5 mins pondering over it (if it does require some thought), and then whatever i arrive at then, just execute - especially in the domain of website building and developmonnet like im currently doing. I'm buiding my website and i'm finding its taking me ages, becaues i keep pondering over little decisions. whereas the realisty is that a website is the most impermenant thing - it can be chnaged with the click of a button, so why spend so long trying to make it perfect. i'm focussing on just creating the 'skeleton' now so that i can just go back and fill it in. otherwise, i'll never finish it. foro tomorrow i have set my intentions for what i want to experinece and what i want to accopmlish.
i want to experience progress, connection, warmth and discipline. For accomplishment, I want to complete the first draft of my home page and begin the how it works page. I will also complete any revisions with rommy.

I'm grateful for having discovered the things i've discovered. I'm grateful for the experiences, painful as some may be, that have led me onto this path of self awareness and mastery. and im grateful for the opportunity to create my own marathon and participate in it.