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2020-11-10 02:42:48 (UTC)

Those people are idiots..

So I did get some feedback on my little endeavor of vengeance over the nonsense flooding the app.

I commented on the typical tik tok dance shit. I got pretty much ganged upon by the account person and her followers and she pinned my comment right on top so other can read them trying to massacre me online. One of them commented that my dad should have pulled out before he came. When it comes to the underground all you can dish out buffet the fact is everyone becomes a mean person. Even I was surprised at the level of insults here. These indian girls look all decent but they have some mighty wicked tongues. Dont let their cute girl next door demeanor fool ya.

Literally these bitches can't take a negative comment on them. Be careful people. Don't stray to far. Just keep commenting that they look hot and their bollywood dance moves however badly choreographed does get you a hard on. They love that shit. Dont even get me started on the yoga and fitness accounts. Tight clothes and them poses are selling us anything but health. They don't fool me. One just has to read the comments to see how cheap and desperate the Indian guys are.

It just hurts to see this once beautiful online little world called Instagram become this cheap sell out for publicity.

Here's an idea. Try using powerful adjectives and more complete and meaningful sentences while writing anything online. Eminem used to read the English dictionary just so that he could increase his vocabulary of the language. If you are just a teenager writing here I know its too soon but you know what I'm saying. Dont type here as you would for your text communication. Your adult self will thank you. Trust me. I've spent plenty of my years online to see how the English language is butchered by the youth who are too lazy to type in the whole words.

It fucking irritates me 2c ppl txtn nd typin lyk dis.

Oh well that was an eventful evening.