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2020-11-09 19:30:35 (UTC)

Emilio R X Maris (2016-2018):

Appearance: December 14, 2016
Ended: June 4, 2018
12-14-2016: First Meet:
At World History 1 Classroom:
Katerina: Have a nice day! (stares at Emilio) Hi Would you like to get some-- (falls down in the stool)
Emilio: Katerina Lopez Sanchez Right?
Katerina: (to Emilio, complicated) Yeah. It's me. Katerina.
Emilio: I am your boyfriend.
Katerina: No?
12-16-2016: Awkward Situation:
Emilio: Katerina? Wanna taste of this chili?
Katerina: Sure! (takes the chili out of the pot, and stirs the chili with my plate, eats the chili) Umm Good! It's spice!
Emilio: Go ahead and try it.
(Katie watching Glee in her Iphone)
02-15-2017: Why do you kissed me?:
(Emilio steps in the classroom)
Katie: Umm Emilio, what are you doing here?
Emilio: Katherine, stop. I have to see Kate.
Katie: (puts my assignment down) Seriously! I need to be finish on the number 10! Go!
Emilio: Okay.
Katerina: (puts on the mustache with a marker)
Katie: (drops my worksheet down, and sees Katerina wearing a hitler costume) Katerina! I have to get some wipes! Morales?
Morales: Yes Katie?
Katie: Do you have wipes, because Katerina is wearing the hitler costume.
Morales: I'll find it for you Katie. Katie, Here is some of these wipes for Kate.
Katie: Thanks Erika! (wipes Katerina's mustache)
03-06-2017: Cool Kids Don't Die:
Emilio: (takes a photo of Kate wearing the sunglasses) Cool kids don't lie.
Katerina: (does the rockstar sign)
04-10-2017: Why are you here?:
Emilio: Check mate Miss Kate.
(Kate opens the assignment from Friday)
Kate: Okay. I got it. (closes the classroom door)
05-19-2017: Birthday Fun at the Party:

06-16-2017: Summer School 2017:

08-09-2017: Fake Anniversary:

08-16-2017: Fake Kissing, Fake Awkward:

08-18-2017: Birthday Kiss in Math Class:

08-31-2017: Fighting in Lunch:

09-13-2017: Somebody got the absent in class: #rxkAbsentRedona:
Emilio: What's going on?
Katerina: They have the wrong student. (goes on my laptop, and sees Esteban and Corrine are in the sex photo for 3 years ago) I'll ask Vier!
(Vier eneters)
Vier: Katerina?
Katerina: Vi! (abrazo) April 4 Photos from My Social Media.
Vier: Thanks Kate! (opens my Social Media, and sees My birthday from Tuesday) So sweet! Thanks! (hugs back)
Emilio: I haven't taked the Senior photos yet, and it was burned.
Katerina: You right.
Morales: Alright, who's absent?
Katerina: Rolando.
Morales: Okay. (puts Absent into Rolando's Roster)
Rubio: Rolando? Really? Absent Pages. (gets my absent pages from my class) Look! 10 Absents!
Katerina: Right.
11-15-2017: Emilio slaps Esteban for breaking up Alexa:

11-29-2017: Getting Married For the First Time:
Alexandra: I have a lot of tears of you Emilio. (llora) We're gonna be in love for about almost 2 months.
Emilio: Alexandra, it's been about 2 months since we're met in world history, because you are so beautiful about this class.
Katie: I have to cry for about 30 minutes.
Morales: Katie Redona! Shh!
Katie: Sorry.
Alexandra: (inhale, exhale) Emilio?
Emilio: (To Alexandra) What?
Alexandra: Will you marry me?
Emilio: (to Alexandra, puts your ring finger into your ring) (kisses your ring finger)
(all people in classroom cheering)
Katie: Congratulations Sis!!!
Alexandra: Thank you thank you!

11-30-2017: Jealous Esteban G:

12-01-2017: 2 Boys, and 2 Sisters:

12-05-2017: Awkward Situation:
At Park: Alexandra sits with Emilio and Katie in the bench:
Emilio: Alexandra, if you need anything, ask your sister.
Katie: We are just waiting for you sis!
(Alexandra felt jealous about Esteban)
Emilio: Alexandra? Alexa?
Katie: Alexa! Say something.
Emilio: I think she got jealous date.
Katie: Alex, stop it!
12-15-2017: Esteban is gone, Esteban is not going to school:

01-24-2018: So sick of Watching News for you:

02-05-2018: Amor, Amor, Amor:

03-08-2018: Zandy Day:

04-06-2018: Emilio breaks up with Maris:

04-20-2018: Me&You:

05-14-2018: Back Together: Emilio x Maris:

05-17-2018: Did you ran away?:
Emilio: Shh! Wait!
Maris: (sits on the floor) What are you talking about?
Emilio: I don't know Maris! Calm down!!!
05-19-2018: 18 Chocolates:

05-22-2018: I'm here for you, Don't worry:

05-23-2018: I didn't break up with Maris, it was Andrea:
At Andrea's Apartment: Main Apartment: (Apartment 1-17)
Maris: Why did you break up with Andrea?
Emilio: I don't know Maris, she just slapped me!
Maris: In a heat confrontation! (knocks on the door) Andi!
Andrea: (opens the door from Maris) Yes, may I help you?
Maris: Did you cheated on Emilio?
Andrea: Yeah?
Emilio: You are lying Andrea! (slaps)
Andrea: (crying) Badass! Maris, (hugs)
Maris: Go with Eric!
Andrea: Alvarez? (runs and hugs Eric)
Eric: Whoa whoa Andrea, slow down. Ensy, just leave.
Ensy: Oh my fucking god! (throws water at Andrea)
Andrea: Bitch!
(Andrea and Ensy are fighting each other)
Eric: Girls, girls, enough catfight!
Rubio: You ready Ensy?
Ensy: Yeah.
Andrea: What do you want ens?
Ensy: Maris, I have 2 boys.
Maris: Pick one! (handles your heels on the floor)
05-31-2018: Graduation Weekend Vibes:

06-01-2018: Graduation Practice:

06-04-2018: Graduation Party:

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