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2020-11-09 12:29:37 (UTC)

broken heart

To the first person ive ever loved,
I still love you. Time and distance wont make a difference when it comes to my feelings. You think that youre distancing yourself from me by not talking to me and you probably think over time i will just forget everything and move on. You failed to realize my feelings dont work that way. I'll love you forever, for many reasons. You were my first for many things in my life and those memories will never just wash away. Even though youve stopped loving me, i will always love you and care for you more than youll ever know. And if you ever need someone, i will always be close to you. Youve changed my life in so many ways and i honestly wasnt expecting all of this to happen. I might be delusional, but i still hold onto hope for us. Hope that one day, youll call and tell me youve been missing me and you cant go another day without me. Hope that one day, we can be together again and this time when i hold you i will never let you go. I need you. Life is so hard without you next to me. Im in constant pain and misery. Its been nearly 2 months and not a second goes by that im not thinking about you. Youre always on my mind. I miss you so much and i just want you back in my arms. But if thats not today, i will learn to be patient. If theres even a small chance of us happening again, i will be patient. I will wait for you, even if it kills me.