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The Final Game
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2020-11-09 22:35:26 (UTC)

Make Instagram great again.

I feel a sense of satisfaction when I comment on the reels of girls who lip sync for songs, do some seductive slutty moves. Dance to some fucked up bollywood music. Report them of course. In short the horde of tik tok has flooded the Instagram pages. Fucking tik tok bitches.

This stupid flipping your shoe in the air and cutting into a new pair of clothes is very popular. So here as I was browsing my feed of horror and gothic posts this motherfucking cunt from the Indian continent does the same. He flips his shoes and comes up all formal. But the's wearing the black formal shoes and no socks. The pants come to his ankle. So I ask him. Why wear such high pants when they can see you ain't wearing any socks. It goes back and forth. In the end he says please stop and leave my page alone..hahaha. I couldn't help it he asked for it. I mean who ever wears formal pants without socks..unheard of.