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2020-11-09 21:09:20 (UTC)

The cutest thing happened right now.

So my bathroom is home to two adorable little house geckos. Mama and her baby. So as I was showering the baby was out chilling on the wall. It spots me and runs for cover. Then goes into its hole. Few moments later it comes out. Also I see the mamas head peeping out from the hole with its big ass eyes on me.

So here's how it went.
Baby geko...maaaaaaaaa!!! There's this human out here and he's naked!!!!
Mama.. good gosh let me see.
Baby...look maaaa there he issssss. With its tail facing the wrong way..
Mama...yes but don't go to far out..them humans are crazy bitches. Gives us a scare they do.
Baby..okay maaaaa love ya ya too.

True story

And for the record I find all insects and animals adorable and I find most of the humans repulsive to say the least.
My mom screams looking at them.
I go all baby talk on them...hahahah