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2020-11-09 14:32:24 (UTC)

Don't blame Trump blame yourself.

You can blame him entirely for the virus outbreak there. You know what the PM of India did? He fucking told us to bang utensils and clap hands and light candles on our terraces.

No fucking help to the medical workers who busted their asses. You see what an asshat we still got for a leader? Atleast your reign of terror is over. Ours lives on.

Like for fuck sakes we have it worse than the orange man. But you know what. Even if the county leader is a incompetent ninconpoop, it is the responsibility of the people to do their part. I had the common sense to wear a mask and stay alert. So did the majority of the people here around d me. You fucking Americans don't even wanna wear a mask. Then you got the audacity to blame the leader. Well fuck me stupid.

Its always a two sided coin. If the people are idiots there is nothing you can do. Just watch the world burn..