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2020-11-09 07:18:58 (UTC)

Parenting my inner child - Monday

My second day on this marathon, if you will. I woke up a few minutes after i was supoosed to. set my alarm to 7am, but didn't sleep too soundly so even though i was up at 6:47 or so to pee, i still felt like ineeded to get some more shut-eye to feel energized for the day. But given that my alarm was due to go off 15 mins later my mind wouldn't let me and i just lay there. when it was 7am i still snoozed though. i was up around 7:15 or thereabouts. made some ginger tea, brushed my teeth, washed my face. then chanted and meditated. whenever i chant i still have trouble sometimes with what i should focus my mind on. i get distracted during my chanting because i worry that i'm not focussing enough on the right thing. or im focussing on the wrong thing. or that my mind is wandering. what should i fosuc on when i chant nam myo ho renge kyo. should i focus on my words? on the meaning of the words? on my daily intentions?

speaking of daily intentions today i want to feel:

I think most of all today i want to feel progress. Building this website is the next mountain i have to climb and i don't know why but it's seeming very daunting probably hence my slowness in starting.

I also read this monring. know the truth. i went back to a few chapters id already read and some highlighted passages. I feel like the nuggets of wisdom from the book have been feeding me, feeding my frequency and i like that and want to maintain that. i'm close to the end of the book 94% done. but when its over i'll probably read it again.

I will start an IG post, and then website.