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The Final Game
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2020-11-09 12:32:49 (UTC)

plenty of

disappointments. when you get you hopes up and they come crashing down slaughtered by the ones who didn't care for the sentiment behind your action. sentiment. i'm starting to see as a weakness. holding on to the shit you expect people to do. which they dont. so fuckkkk u feelings. fuck u all. fuck u happiness. fuck u all friends. i wish i wasnt there at all.

pop vs metal artists. saw this video yesterday where they showed pop artists live and then metal singers. the metal ones desolated the pop ones. there was ariana grande irritating voice VS Floor Janson from Nightwish and she fucking nailed it. She did an acoustic song and sounded so much better than the pop garbage.

i think everyone thinks metal is noise cause their ears are so accustomed to the auto tune garbage that is current pop. and im done being polite and nice. if they attack anything i treasure i shall abuse them back.