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2020-11-08 05:02:33 (UTC)

My Birthday!

Today’s my birthday and I must say I have truly enjoyed myself today, my cousins always make me feel special on this magnificent day that I’ve turned one year older. They cooked me a delicious dinner that consisted of baked chicken, macaroni & cheese, greens, chocolate cake and Ice cream. In addition to that they all gave me cards with money and gifts such as jewelry, lotion, body wash and candles, plus they song happy birthday to me, we laughed and danced to music. I’ve been so emotional this year but this uplifted my spirits and has made me so happy. I’m so thankful and extremely grateful for them because they always looks out for me. I love them so much. My sister called me and wished me happy birthday and I received a lot of shout outs on Facebook but I’m most grateful for the love my cousins show me each and every time because they really know how to make a lady feel special.