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2020-11-08 22:31:05 (UTC)

Thank god for today. I feel ..

Thank god for today. I feel accomplished and more at peace than I did yesterday. I’m happy wirh myself for committing to doing some of the things that I intended today and following through. I’m happy with myself for prioritising my health and my body and carving out time intentionally to move my body. I’m glad I spoke to my friends and family. It made me feel joyful and connected and light. I’m glad that my inner child and parent worked together. The day is done and we can now go to sleep with this feeling. Tomorrow I have set my intentions. I want to experience this same feeling of accomplishment, joy, connectedness and peace. I want to keep remembering that it’s a marathon and my inner chile will pushback. And when that happens I should exercise compassionate discipline so that I can build my own sense of integrity. And build that familiarity of pattern for my inner child. The more I do it the more familiar she becomes and the less she will fight back and the more she will benefit as a result.

Accept that it doesn’t always go according to plan. You may fall off but when this happens, continue. No effort is wasted.