Wish Collecting
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2020-11-08 15:18:34 (UTC)

Vision Quest

I am a prairie girl who speaks to buffalo in my dreams.
My totem is like me; we are both outliers in our herds.
I ask him questions, and he readily answers me.
He tells me to be patient but to also be persistent.
He tells me true determination will get me through.
He tells me mankind is both a friend and a foe.
When I look in his eyes, I see my reflection mirrored back.
When I touch his chest, his heart drums to the rhythm of my own.
Freedom is my birthright, and he tells me to roam as I please.
Out here, my limitations are only as fluid as I allow them to be.
Besides man, our only real enemy is the solitary, observing grizzly.
Since we share the same territory, I have grown used to his presence.
I've become aware of when to charge and when to stand my ground.
My existence permeates the plains, while his reposes in deep, rock caves.
We talk of differences but share more similarities of challenge and survival.
He understands my existential worries, and I understand his humble courage.
This mutual understanding creates an intuition beyond lower worlds of being.
Our curved horns point up to higher realms, aspirations, and hopes.
I ask him if it is okay to rest my body against his expansive, warm hide.
He assures me I can always fall asleep wrapped in his protective gaze.