Rob Floyd
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2020-11-08 10:39:39 (UTC)

Football Sunday

My weekend off from work. Will probably be working at least the next 2 weekends, so Im gonna enjoy this one. Planning on heading to Buff WWs to watch the 2nd half games and hopefully the Saints game. I know the wife is gonna be pissed if I stay that long, and she doesnt like my drinking and hanging out after just having recovered from Covid. Oh well. Guess Ill have to make it up to her in other ways. Her birthday is coming up in a few days. Go easy on the shots tonight, eh???
On the election: Really dont care. Not a fan of Trump and his super ego, but then again Biden isnt a great candidate either. The guy is 70 something years old! What are the 70 year old in your life doing right now? Enjoying retirement and spending time with their grandkids/great grandkids. Not running the most important country in the world! But Im not even gonna worry about it. Everything will be just fine, Im gonna keep doing my thing. Politics is not it.