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2020-11-08 05:46:08 (UTC)

Friend got a fishing kayak 😛

Finally, one of my friends in our meetup group bought a fishing kayak. So we went to Rancho Seco (Former nuclear power plant facility) to test it out. There weren't any fish seen on my fish finder so we caught nothing at all. It was cold, the water was full of weeds and I'd have to clean my lure ever third cast from dragging weeds. My friend's kayak looks pretty cool though. It's not a Hobie but it'll do. Glad I got a buddy that likes kayak fishing too. He had issues loading it onto his car and it slid down and wacked his side mirror out. Poor guy. I had a couple of bungie cords and was able to finagle it to stay on. It was dark by the time we got out of the water and finally strapped our kayaks in.

Funny how being cold and still sore from working out made me walk even more like I got a stick up my butt. hehe. I forgot my workout routine too. A fellow reader had to remind me about stretching. I now recall that I used to go to the gym 1/2 hr early to warm up and then stretch (never stretch without warming up. It's like stretching a new rubber band. It's still stiff). That was pre-covid times so now we're just let in 5-10 min before class starts. The other freestyle room hasn't opened yet so I can't do my normal pre-class warmup. I'll have to warm up at home then drive down to the gym or when I'm back to work, do it there then hit the gym. I wish the gym would just open up the other room so I can do it there.

Anyway, back to kayak fishing yesterday. My friend and I chatted about fishing of course and that he is fine with not dating at all. In fact, he doesn't want to date anymore. I dunno how people can just give up because of the possible problems relationships can cause. I always keep my options open. Dare I say I'm a romantic? OMG!! That made even my eyeballs roll. haha. While I'm not desperate and pining to be with someone, it never hurts to keep that option open. Whatever it is that I feel can possibly make me happier, I will always keep that door open. If anyone should feel different, it should be me. I mean I went through enough bad relationships to last me two lifetimes yet I haven't shut out the option of maybe meeting someone one day. I even have a 1/2 gallon of that evil ice cream in my freezer. I know it's not good for you but it's there in case of emergency 🤪.

My sleeping schedule really took a turn for the good. By 10 PMish, I was falling asleep sitting up so off to bed I went. Now, it's the butt crack of pre-dawn and the day is mine to make of it. This would be a good time to go fishing being the early bird and stuff but nope, I'm in my PJs on my bed in my room enjoying the very quiet very nice dawn. No birds, no cars, no sound of anything at all. Just craving coffee. Oh yeah, I believe my Church has finally opened to "indoor services"!! Yup, and I sorely need to cleanse my dark soul for sure 😈😱. All my things are starting to trickle back into my life again. I start work on the 11th too so yeah, more of my New Years keep on coming.

Anyone on my FB posts anything about politics, I've been tagging them and putting them to sleep for 30 days. One good thing about FB. If you don't want to hear from someone temporarily, you can snooze your friend for 30 days. I don't want to be caught up in the crazy politics our Country is going through right now. Doesn't matter who you voted for. It seems like most of my friends (at least the vocal ones) are so one sided, they are so sure they are right that it's either their way or the highway. I think I "snoozed 1/2 a dozen of my so called friends so far. hehe