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2020-11-08 12:49:37 (UTC)

Last night before going to bed ..

Last night before going to bed I made note of the feelings I wanted to experience today. Joy, calm, confidence... . One of them was accomplishment. I Put that there because I’ve realised that in order for me to feel good throughout the day, there’s a level of accomplishment I need to feel in relation to my work. this feeling comes usually when I do something or complete something that is challenging or that I’d typically be inclined to put off. And instead of putting it off I face it forthrightly. That feeling is great. I remember back in July and August I was in a roll as far as my mood. I was happy, upbeat dancing around for no reason, and getting so much work done. My productivity has dipped since for various reasons I’ve theorised, but I’ve often attributed that period of high productivity and great mood to the fact that I was taking CBD oil. And when it ran out I felt my productivity start to dip and my anxiety start to return. I mean never mind the fact that there were times when after taking cbd oil if still have to try hard before I could concentrate. But in my mind it just made sense that Cbd oil was the reason for my productivity. Now I I’m starting to see that while cbd may have contributed a little bit, or maybe even given a placebo effect, the best and consistent indicator for my good mood was the fact that I was being productive and making progress in this skin venture. The high of taking my product from concept to print to packaging was a great feeling. The feeling was Accomplishment. It’s also what contributed to my good mood and my positive outlook. But in order to bring that feeling of accomplishment, I have to complete seemingly hard tasks that I don’t Always like doing. And how do I get myself to do that? By working to parent my inner child (self talk, integrity), telling my inner child what needs to be done and why (it’s going to make you feel better, bring you feelings of progress), And to expect some pushback and stubbornness from my inner child (mind wandering off, coming up with and suggesting instant gratifying or more “fun” activities that “we” can do), and when that happens to double down on your integrity as the parent guiding the inner child’s marathon and say “this is what we’re going to do”. Marathons are never easy at the start but they get easier. We just completed an Instagram post and scheduled another two for Monday and Tuesday. We feel accomplished for doing that. We should remember this feeling all the time. It feels like warmth, It makes me want to be closer to my friends, I want to be kinder to people, I want to be more open with my friends, I want to bring people into my space, I want to put some stuff effort into nurturing my relationships even the more difficult ones.

To nurture this feeling, I’m now I’m going to complete another skin venture task.
I will choose who
I will go with for the label
I will plan my website landing page
I will plan how to populate the menus

We are great for doing this.
We are self aware for doing this
We are developing self-mastery by doing this
We strive for discipline by following through on this
We have a dynamic and creative mind
We are curious and intelligent and are constantly forming connections between things and experiences
We are becoming more at peace with each other and

Child and parent will continue to make progress working together.