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2020-11-08 05:24:07 (UTC)

knowledge seeking

Several weeks ago I attempted to repair a piece of clothing. There was a big hole. In the past, I would use my lady skills and stitch the hole close. It closed the hole but there would be a bulge or a pinch where the repaired spot is. The hole was fixed but the piece of clothing was never worn again.

When I apply the wrong method, I get inadequate results. I might be spending time on something with no realizable gains. The hole of the sweater is repaired, but never worn again because the fix impaired the function of a flat surface needed for a resting elbow. Twenty minutes expended on a fruitless solution, and more minutes to search for a replacement sweater, not considering the time I had to spend to earn the money for the purchase.

When I learn the necessary knowledge and skill to fix something properly, my time efficiency and progress increases.

For the piece of clothing, I repaired this week I used an old technique called darning. Such a foreign word to me. I tried it: basket weaving the hole and then patching the elbows with visible stitching for an english countryside look. Saved two favorite sweaters with refreshed comfort.

I spend a portion of my spare time knowledge-seeking because the reduction of the daily struggles amazes me every time.

In the first instance, the hole was fixed but the piece of clothing was never worn again. This pattern of attempts and fail is a normal part of the process... but then when I break through a bad pattern and enter a better one, life gets so much better.